Detroit Offers Free Houses to Writers

WritersFor writers there is no sales or bank requirements to own free renovated houses in Detroit. Write-A-House has a new program founded by Detroit writers and urban activists to build up its city. Newly renovated homes are going to be offered to writers for free in Detroit. Their plan is to innovatively improve the value of their town with artists. Writers are appreciated in Detroit.

The areas the renovated homes are in are described as “emerging, active and diverse” by Write-A-House (WAH) correspondent, Toby Barlow. All writers are eligible and it only takes applying to be a possible candidate.  Even residents of Detroit can participate in the program; if you write and can prove it, you have a chance. Definitely Write-A-House is redefining thinking outside the box. For writers there is no need for sales or to run to the bank for free houses in Detroit.

Detroit is making sure the message is loud and clear, literary arts is supported and appreciated in its metropolis, sales and banking experience is not required. Vocational education for youth is important also; WAH is training them to build homes as part of this venture. The Automobile business is not the only boom this city is going to be known for. The intention is to offer a minimum of three homes a year. A journal of creative non-fiction and additional arts will be published documenting the process. WAH plans on eventually making Detroit a city offering green living with a vital literary colony.

There is a little help desired to assist with furthering this vision WAH has several Crowd-funding campaigns running to assist with completing the renovation of each house. This is a huge project that affects many components. The city in itself is going through changes, artists are being supported and youth are being taught a skill. Each aspect is important; a city in peril can affect the entire country similar to a disregarded house in a neighborhood affecting the value of other homes. Artist love to focus on their craft just as anyone else does in their vocation; free homes will alleviate some of their possible stress. Opportunities are like sunshine for youth, assisting with renovation does more than teach a vocation. Exercise, math, and creativity are some of the other skills honed while participating in this endeavor.

It is rare to see a completely new grassroots idea come about that is not technology driven these days. There are many residency programs that exist throughout the country and the world. This one is all-inclusive and supports many arms. WAH says authors, journalists, poets and AKA writers are all eligible for this own a home forever project in Detroit that helps with neighborhood stabilization at the same time.

Those chosen will reside in the house for two years paying only for insurance and property taxes. When that time passes the Artist-in-Residence will receive the deed free and clear as long as the terms and conditions of the WAH Board and the selection committee are met. Basic requirements for the Detroit home project participation are the home has to be the artist’s primary residence, consistent WAH blog contribution and offering local readings. The requirements are not much for writers to own free renovated houses in Detroit.

By: Dada Ra

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