Dot Jones of ‘Glee’ Ties the Knot

Dot Jones of 'Glee' gets married

Yesterday in a private ceremony Dot Jones, star of Glee, tied the knot to long time girlfriend Bridgett Casteen. After nearly three years of a relationship the couple finally decided the time had come to make it final.

Since the 1980’s Dorothy-Marie “Dot” Jones has been playing large and small roles in television. Her current role, as coach Shannon Beiste of Glee, has provided her with great recognition over three seasons. Many fans have described her character as “believable and heartfelt”. But as her character continues to progress through the series Dot Jones is progressing in her own life.

Jones started out as an athlete early in life. She participated in some sports during college but her most recognized accomplishment for sports is being the 15-time world arm wrestling champion. As she moved into acting she played parts in several top grossing series including Venice the Series, Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, and the most recent Glee. She has also played parts in many popular movies including Patch Adams, Boondock Saints, and Material Girls. She has become a well known actress whose net worth is now, according to Celebrity Net Worth, over $500 thousand. Jones has also been nominated for an Emmy Award three times. But amongst her fame on the big screen Dot Jones has always enjoyed the little moments.

Fans who follow Jones on Twitter are always delighted with cheerful updates about her home life in Los Angeles, CA. As her Twitter bio reads Dot Jones of Glee was born and raised on a California farm and she has always seemed to love just living life, all the more reason to tie the knot.

In recent years news of Dot Jones and Bridgett Casteen has been floating around. Amongst their trials, including the custody battle with Casteen and her ex-husband, the couple has been strong and happy. In Oct. of this year the couple announced their engagement. Dot proposed to Bridgett at the unofficial Gay Days Anaheim event in Disneyland. Advocates reported that Dot proposed near the Sleeping Beauty Castle. No official plans were ever announced about the wedding as the two continued to enjoy their relationship.

On December 18 many wished them a happy anniversary on Twitter and gave them hopes for more years of a happy relationship but many would be surprised as that relationship turned final when Glee star Dot Jones would soon tie the knot.

According to Huffington Post Entertainment Jones and Casteen invited many friends and family over to what was suppose to be a holiday party. Glee star Dot Jones and long time girlfriend later announced to everyone that as soon as all of the guests arrived they would immediately tie the knot. This created for them the private wedding ceremony that they wanted in their Los Angeles home, where they could say their vows and move to the next part of life. On Dec. 21 the two were officially wed.

No news has since been released of any honeymoon plans but many tweets, instagrams, and other social media posts have been released of the two and many fans are posting in congrats. Casteen has also changed her surname on Instagram to Jones in celebration of her new marriage.

In celebration of the marriage of Dot Jones and Bridgett Casteen we wish to congratulate the two in their happy union. Readers can see updates on their union on Twitter and Instagram. Glee fans can continue to watch the show next week on Dec. 26 or online at

By Crystal Boulware


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