Eugenics the Charles Darwin Way

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Eugenics – Wiki commons

Eugenics is the proposed improvement of the human species by permitting or encouraging the reproduction of people with genetic characteristics judged as valuable. Charles Darwin did it his way. The practice of eugenics is the controlled social enhancement technique by which people have children. The idea of eugenics is that society can be improved by allowing people to become a source only if they are likely to produce healthy talented children.

The practice of eugenics has been regarded with disfavor since the Nazi period.

At the time of Adam and Eve, marriage was always between close relatives. There were never mixed blood marriages during that era. The Abrahamic religion continued this tradition and only close relatives were allowed to marry. This practice led to inbreeding and incest. First cousins married each other, and rare instances of fathers having children with daughters happened. In the first Bible days, there was the story of Lot conceiving children with his daughters.

There was a valid reason for this practice; it was to protect the property, wealth and status of the family.

The royal women of Egypt were known as the carriers of the bloodlines, and it was profitable for the pharaoh to marry his sister or half sister, during ancient times. They saw this practice as keeping the blood pure and as a way of strengthening the line of succession. An example is the union between Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XIII who married after the death of their father.

Royalty and nobility in Europe and the Middle East practiced eugenics and marriages among aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins remained popular. The British royal family had several marriages of this nature, mainly between cousins but none closer than that.

During this time, churches recognized the marriage combinations of close relatives and realized the problem of inbreeding. The inbreeding produced deformed children. Genetic physical deformities, combined with intelligence, sexual and emotional problems were a constant concern. The complex impotence and infertility remained a problem. Facial disfigurement and mental deficiency remained a serious problem. Many of the inbred children died in infancy.

Some of the deformed children were highly intelligent and had brilliant minds. Their physical abilities were a problem. Each child displayed different physical disabilities, and some were  unable to dress themselves, or take up any physical work. Yet their minds remained super charged and were able to recite the most difficult books and solve complex mathematical calculations.

The church was embarrassed with what they saw, and they created special places for these deformed children and kept them hidden from the public. This was a closed matter and never discussed in public.

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin practiced eugenics, he married his first cousin. Emma Wedgewood. Together this couple had ten children. Two of his children died in early infancy, and one of his daughter’s died at the early age of ten. Charles Darwin was a dedicated and loving father, and when his children fell ill, he feared that there might have been inherited weaknesses from his relationship and the close family ties he shared with his cousin.

Charles Darwin examined the subject of eugenics in his writings by contrasting with the compensation of crossing amongst many organisms. Despite his fears of interbreeding, his surviving children lived a long life and had professional careers.

It is noted that he wrote a book titled ‘Why is God so Cruel’, and never published this work. He had doubts about the church and continued to write other books on survival. He finally left the church.

During the Nazi period, Karl Marx and Hitler used the works of Charles Darwin and carried his investigations of eugenics further by killing the useless. Millions were killed during the twentieth century because of eugenics.

Today intermarriage within royal families has declined in relation to the past along with the power it generated between families.

Since eugenics is no longer a practiced, is there a chance that the deformed children who portrayed such brilliant minds have come to an end? Is eugenics concerned with the current direction of human evolution, and is society evolving in a favorable or unfavorable direction. Is that why since Charles Darwin’s day,  people follow the Christian message – to have compassion on those of the wrong races.

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