Facebook Allows Users to See Friends’ Yearly Highlights

FacebookFacebook tends to group a yearly view of posts for users to see at the end of each year. 2012 gave users the chance to view their year in a snapshot, which could be shared with friends. This year, Facebook will allow users to see their friends’ yearly highlights.

Last year’s review included the top 20 posts from the year. These would be stories that received the most comments or likes from friends. It would also highlight any major changes and updates, such as relationship statues and moves. 2013 is no different, and users can still view their own timeline.

The top 20 stories will be shown, and at the bottom there is the option to view friends’ yearly highlights on the social media website. According to Facebook, this is not organized and arranged the same way as the newsfeed. It uses a different algorithm so that only the most popular posts and life events will appear in the review. The posts are not necessarily going to be spaced out throughout the year, as it will depend on which ones received the most comments and likes.

This yearly highlighting could create questions about privacy. However, friends are only able to see the posts that they were originally able to see. Those that were hidden for any reason will not show up in the review, and will be replaced by the next most memorable moment.

Facebook only allows users to see certain friends’ yearly highlights. The first step is to check their own highlights, and then they will be given the option to see a range from friends. Six friends show up on the screen at first, but it is possible to click on the link to view a mixture of friends’ most popular posts. There is no option to only see certain friends, except the six that appear on a user’s personal yearly review.

To view the yearly highlights, a user needs to click on his or her own profile page. A box offering to see the 2013 in review is available on the left-hand side. This will take the user to the top 20 posts, and then there is another box on the left-hand side showing the friends who are available. Just above this is a box allowing a user to share his or her timeline review, which makes it visible to all on the friends list.

The yearly review also shows all the photos that were posted by the user, or where the user has been tagged and the image available on the timeline. These are all in order of when they were posted onto Facebook.

The yearly highlights will give many users a chance to look back over the year. While the photos and status updates will not be their favorite ones all the time, they will be ones that proved popular with friends and family on the social networking site. By Facebook allowing users to view their friends’ yearly highlights, it will also give them a chance to look back at their most memorable moments.

By Alexandria Ingham




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