Facebook Videos Playing Automatically in Newsfeed? Enter Advertisers

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The last week may have revealed a fun little surprise, friends sharing videos on Facebook will automatically display on newsfeed, as a user checks out updates. This testing series is leading to much bigger aspects. Facebook will soon be implementing video ads from advertisers to play automatically as a user tries to catch up with friends and family.

While this source of revenue will boost Facebook’s bottom line, it could be the straw that broke the social media back for many users. The largest social media giant is going to test advertiser ad spots starting this Thursday. The first in line will be video ads focused on Divergent, which is based on the sci-fi book series.

Users may be concerned when it comes to sound, especially for those who may be accessing the site from their work computer. Facebook assures the video will play automatically muted. The user can opt to turn the sound on by clicking on the ad. Late last week some users may had noticed friends sharing videos, which appeared on their own newsfeed and as they scrolled, the video played automatically. This condition test by Facebook allowed for advertisers to show an interest.

Example of video ad
Example of video ad

Users seem to be mixed on the introduction of the ads. Message inquiries were sent earlier today to a small business owner, a college student and working mother. Each had something to say about the ads becoming golden hot-spots for advertisers:

Personally, as a business owner, I am interested. I am curious about pricing, this level of exposure is huge. The videos can be scrolled past, but further yet is grabbing the eye of someone interested in the product. – T. Lingston (Small Business Owner).

Facebook continues to slam their advertising drivel down our throats. I guess they need another billion to not pay taxes on. When are they finally going to start giving back to the users who made them what they are? – D. Simon (College Student).

It doesn’t bother me. I have just seen videos of recitals from my sister’s kids, and other items people share, but nothing annoying. Hopefully, advertisers videos will not be ridiculous. I have weaned off Facebook and started using LinkedIn more. I am just tired of the issues Facebook consistently has. – D. Carrobone (Working Mother).

Sure, three people do not make a majority, but the aspect was their ability to notice the current change of automatic videos and the potential for video ads. Overall, the ads themselves could be something that is ignored, like the side-bar ads flashing at times. Or, many can see it as a “you get what you pay for.” Some users like Ms. Carrobone, point out the level of annoyance and “in your face” marketing that may become problematic. Additionally, some may wonder on the quality and quantity of video ads.

Facebook states their goal is to deliver high-quality content by allowing advertisers to “tell stories on Facebook,” to the viewing audiences. It seems the change of exposure is being pushed directly by companies who want their videos included in the feed. In addition, the video ads will also appear for mobile users, but have no fear of data drain. Facebook pledges the video ads will only appear when a mobile user is connected to WiFi and the video is downloaded.

Change is coming and with the streamlined process of data mining, users will see affiliate videos  based on their various searches on the social media platform. Facebook videos playing automatically in the newsfeed? Enter the advertisers and they are hungry and willing to pay top dollar to be seen. What are your thoughts of this newest ad angle between Facebook and advertisers?


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