Facebook Wants More News and Fewer Memes

FacebookThe number of people fed up of seeing the constant memes and pointless updates from friends on Facebook is increasing. The social media site has definitely seen a growing trend in this, and has tracked the things that users are more likely to click on. That has led to a change in the newsfeed algorithm for the mobile version of the website. Fewer memes will show up, while Facebook vows to add more high quality news.

According to the social media site, it wants to share more high quality content, and this means focusing on news stories and things that people are more likely to click on. It will bring a considerable change to the type of posts and updates people see in their newsfeeds, and shows just how Facebook is controlling the website.

There will also be more links underneath the post related to the original one. For example, if an original link is about healthcare reforms, two other links below will have something to do with the healthcare reforms. The recommended articles will only show if you choose to click a news link first. This tells the social media site that you are interested in that topic. The type of news will range from breaking news stories to sports and entertainment posts.

The change was announced on December 2 by engineering manager, Varun Kacholia, and software engineer, Minwen Ji, on the Facebook blog.

Along with the change for more news and fewer memes, Facebook is looking to create more conversations and interactions on the posts. If someone comments on a news link, it will be bumped to the top of newsfeeds of that person’s friends, similar to the way current statuses are bumped up after a like or a comment. This is to encourage others to either share the link or join in with the conversation. However, it could mean people see the same story numerous times, and it could become repetitive.

Comments from the social media giant in October made it clear that people are using the site to stay up-to-date with the news. The company is simply reacting to this data, and giving users the experience they are asking for. Referrals to news pieces has increased by 170% since 2012, and continues to grow. At the moment, Twitter remains the main source for news updates and Facebook wants to compete.

In another change, the “hide all” button is being replaced with an “unfollow” button. The button will do the exact same as before, by removing the posts from a specific person from the newsfeed. It will not mean the people are no longer “friends” on the social networking website. This continues to allow users to have more control over the type of content they see on their screens, and who they see that content from.

The social media website is continually listening to users and watching how they use their profiles. Because of this, the software engineers and developers are continually making changes to create a better experience. Adding more news and removing the memes is just the recent way for Facebook to show it is listening.

By Alexandria Ingham


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