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Ford Introduces the 2015 Mustang

The 2015 Mustang has been unveiled!

Ford Motor Company on Thursday unveiled the 2015 Mustang.  Some automobiles have called it a self-assured and daring version of the model that was first introduced in the 60’s.

Fans of the Mustang will most certainly love it but it remains to be seen whether Ford’s newest model will be able to edge out rivals and gain international  support.

The newest version of the iconic vehicle was unveiled at events in Los Angeles, New York,  Shanghai, Barcelona, Sydney and Ford’s hometown of Dearborn, Michigan. It will actually not be available for purchase in North America until the fall of next year. It will not reach Asia or Europe until 2015.

“Mustang cuts to the heart and soul of our company and really represents our company at its best.” Ford Chief Operating Officer Mark Fields said that Mustang represents the company at its optimum level and is actually the heart and soul of the automotive giant.

In spite of such high praise, the Mustang is not actually Ford’s top selling automobile. In reality, Ford sells more pickups weekly than it sells Mustangs monthly.  However, Ford representatives say that the Mustang carries the most favorable opinion and largest name recognition of any of its other vehicles. Not only that, but Ford knows that a beautiful sports car enhances the look of the rest of their stock.

The unveiling of  the 2015 model actually represents the first time that the Mustang has been redesigned since 2005. Ford engineers were presented the tough task of updating the classic vehicle without alienating diehard fans. The company has sold more than nine million Mustang’s since the vehicle was first introduced in 1964. There are actually 300 fan clubs worldwide.

The newest version borrows much from its older counterpart.  There is still the sloping fastback and the long hood. There is the famous logo on the grille that resembles the shape of a trapezoid. However, the newer version sits wider and longer and the roof has a dramatic taper in both the back and the front. The familiar round shaped headlights are smaller in size and are surrounded by a chiseled, fierce brow. The three-bar taillights that have been there from the beginning are now tucked under the rear deck lid and are three dimensional.  Overall, the 2015 Mustang has a more wiry look than the muscular version created in 2005.

The latest Mustang is designed to meet international emissions and safety requirements.  There is also a right hand steering wheel version designed for sales in Australia and the United Kingdom. Ford has plans to aggressively market the car overseas.

One auto analyst says that Mustang sales in Europe should triple when the new model is introduced in 2015. Sales in China are expected to remain low since two door coupes do not enjoy popularity there.

With its unveiling, it is the hope of Ford Motor Company that the Mustang will gain its top selling status that enjoyed until about three years ago. The Chevrolet Camaro toppled the Mustang three years ago and is expected by Kelley Blue Book to do the same thing this year.

By Rick Hope


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