GTA V and 101 Things All Players Must Do


When playing GTA V, gamers are presented with thousands of options. The video below shows the top 101 things players must do in order to enjoy the game at maximum capacity.

The list of things all players can do in GTA V are endless, and range from flying planes, getting their hair done, visiting the beach, having a round of golf, riding a mountain bike or even getting intoxicated.

The game provides players with  the ability to self-medicate using marijuana as a form of intoxication, and they can prescribe themselves as much as they wish. Afterwards, if the effects have got a bit too much for their character, a visit to health care programs are readily available, in order to receive a therapy session.

GTA V drags players into a whirlwind of fantasy and becomes a type of warped reality. They can get tattoos, beat up their arched nemesis, and purchase cars they have only ever seen in their dreams.

Rockstar has outdone their last efforts, and now provide gamers with engines that cool down, personal ringtones, and GPS systems that lose signal like in real life. It is no wonder players have become hooked. These little touches are what makes the GTA V experience an unforgettable one, and consumers definitely have no complaints. Minus Lindsay Lohan, who ridiculously assumed one of the characters is based on her and is attempting to sue. Gamers wish her all the best of luck with that one.

The game produced $800 million on its first day alone, and has already sold over 28 million copies. People are obviously enamored with the game, and the great reviews are certainly keeping people buying. Rockstar has proven their technical talent with the details, as it offers gamers more things to do and more missions to accomplish, than any other.

Players can even enter a stock market in order to make money buying, selling  and trading stocks. They can check price movements and changes, and also current prices. The way to make money fast is to find companies with low buying prices. This way if a company is unsuccessful, their losses will be less damaging.

Real-time updates are available, and players can check profits and loss. The knowledge of share markets means players can increase their savings swiftly. The fact that this game has options like share markets, shows the intelligence ingrained into it’s production.

Players can also swap between three different characters. They have been encouraged to buy a nice house with a gigantic garage. This way they can store all their new cars and keep them in a safe place, without having to traipse across the map in search of them.

The Carbonizzare car also comes with a high recommendation, because it is less expensive than a super, but allows players to move around quickly and drift corners efficiently. It also has great aesthetic value.

With the video below, players can now find out all the things they must do, in order to enjoy GTA V to its full potential.


By Melissa McDonald


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