Ian Watkins Lostprophets Singer Sentenced but Denies Pedophilia


Ian Watkins, 36, former lead singer for Welsh band Lostprophets, appeared in Cardiff Crown Court in Wales Wednesday for sentencing to 35 years in prison for 13 sex offenses against children, including two counts of attempted rape of an infant.

Watkins had admitted to the 13 offenses last month in court, but he reportedly denied being a pedophile when he spoke with a female fan from prison about the case. He reportedly told the fan he pleaded guilty to the 13 child sex abuse offenses because he was not interested in going to trial.

Along with Watkins, two female co-defendants were also sentenced, to 14 and 17 years in prison. The first woman was accused of allowing Watkins to sexually touch and then attempt to rape her baby. The judge in the case told them: “What you three did plumbs new depths of depravity.” Judge Roger John Royce was shocked that these women would allow their own children to be sexually abused.

Authorities hacked into Watkin’s hard drive and discovered he had child abuse videos. He had encrypted his computer but expert hackers were able to access the computer and see his stash. Some of the videos were made by Watkins himself.

Watkins’ depraved actions brought deep disgust and revulsion to the court. The judge and authorities had never been witness to such blatant abuse against children, especially babies. One Welsh police officer has been on the police force for over 28 years and he had reportedly never witnessed such an extant, shocking case of child sex abuse.  The galley in court cheered when Watkins was sentenced.

The investigation against Watkins continues

The story will not end here, however. Authorities are concerned that Watkins may have committed far more sexual offenses against children so they are conducting an independent investigation. It may be that Watkins’ child sex abuse has extended worldwide. Welsh police have been receiving a huge wave of calls since Watkins’ arrest.

Welsh police have been uncovering incidents of Watkins meeting underage girls while on tour. Some of the items discovered in the singer’s home were child porn films. Watkins had filmed himself having sex acts with underage girls, asking one to travel to meet him in a hotel wearing a schoolgirl uniform.

Not only are Wales police involved but so are other police forces in England and Wales, the Department of Homeland Security, Interpol, and the NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). This demonstrates the widespread impact Watkins’ actions may have had, and how determined these authorities are to find children that may have been victimized by the singer. Of utmost concern is protecting victims potentially violated by Watkins.

What is as horrifying as Watkins’ insidious crimes against children is the possibility that authorities knew of Watkins’ depravity as far back as 2008, when a former girlfriend, Joanne Mjadzelics, notified Welsh police many times about Watkins and his plans to murder children, but she reportedly said her calls were not heeded.

Mjadzelics reportedly said of Watkins: “I’m absolutely sure Ian wouldn’t have stopped at abuse. He wanted to rape and kill children. He wanted to rape newborns. He even wanted to get me pregnant so he could rape our baby. How does anyone become that sick?”

South Wales and South Yorkshire police are being probed for their investigative practices involving Watkins. One police officer was suspended.

By Juana Poareo

Sky News


Wales Online

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