Jennifer Lawrence: 5 Things to Know About AP Entertainer of the Year

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, has quickly become America’s sweetheart. The 23-year-old actress has charmed millions with her down-to-earth demeanor, quick wit and intelligence. Her refusal to give in to the temptations of Hollywood to which so many of her peers seem to succumb and her ability to acknowledge the ridiculousness that can sometimes come with fame only serve to make her more likeable. Despite the fact that Lawrence has been a shining star this year, even having beaten out Miley Cyrus for AP Entertainer of the Year, there are at least five things that may surprise readers about the young starlet.

1. Lawrence once aspired to become a doctor.

Lawrence has reported that as a young girl, she dreamed of being a doctor, and by all accounts, she had the smarts to do it.  Lawrence graduated from high school two years early, to allow pursuit of her acting career, with a 3.9 GPA.

2. She earned her SAG card with an MTV commercial appearance.

At the age of 14, Lawrence appeared in a promotional spot for the MTV hit, My Super Sweet Sixteen. She played a spoiled rich girl named Lisa, seemingly the anti-Lawrence that is now known as AP’s Entertainer of the Year. Lawrence describes receiving her SAG card in the mail following that appearance as one of the most exciting moments of her life because it meant she was officially a professional actor.

3. She really is tough.

Lawrence first saw widespread recognition of her talent after appearing in the 2010 independently produced film, Winter’s Bone. Lawrence’s portrayal of a gritty Ozark teenager earned her both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for best actress in a leading role and thrust her onto the world stage. All that grit and toughness wasn’t just an act. Her preparation for the role included learning to chop wood, to fight and even mastering the art of skinning squirrels.

Likewise, Lawrence’s preparation to play the role of the iconic Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, required toughness from the actress. Though she has been known to joke about how much she despises exercise, preparation for the role of Katniss required twice daily workouts in addition to archery-training, rock climbing, tree climbing, combat training and yoga.

4.  She gets starstruck.

Despite the fact that Lawrence’s fame now eclipses that of some of her idols, she has still been known to become starstruck when confronted with other famous personalities, a fact that just adds to her down-to earth charm. She was famously starstruck by an encounter with Jeff Bridges on the Oscar’s red carpet, but that’s not the only time. She also silenced Bill Maher during an interview when she spotted her idol Meryl Streep nearby and paused to stare at her.

In more hilarious style, a starstruck Lawrence has also admitted to having once stalked John Stamos  all around a Hollywood party while muttering the words “dude” and “Uncle Jesse.” It’s likely that Stamos assumed she was drunk, but she insists she was not.

5. Lawrence once thought that she had to prove she could be sexy.

That’s right, the undeniably gorgeous young woman, who has since topped AskMen’s list of the 99 most desirable women of the year, once feared that she wouldn’t be perceived as sexy enough to escape being cast in tomboyish roles following her star performance in Winter’s Bone. Her solution came in the form of her now iconic red Oscar dress and a revealing, but tasteful, shoot with GQ magazine. It would appear as though those fears can now be put to rest.

Jennifer Lawrence has won the hearts of fans worldwide. The five facts included here are only a small glimpse of the picture of her appeal and how she has made her way into America’s hearts as well as to the top of the AP’s list to become Entertainer of the Year.

By Michele Wessel


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