Justin Bieber Says He Screws Bit***s

bieberJustin Bieber made an impromptu appearance at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles Friday, where his friend, comedian Chris D’Elia, was performing his stand-up show. D’Elia introduced Bieber to the stage, to plenty of applause. Bieber sat down while his friend did his reel of jokes.

During D’Elia’s ribbing and roasting of Bieber, in which he made fun of the pop star’s clothes and overall style, including the number 33 on the front of Bieber’s shirt, D’Elia joked, “No name on the back, hey that means he’s only f–king himself!” Bieber then responded with a snap, “and bit***s!” He left pretty quickly after that. Geez, I wonder why? Did he think he was going to get flak for it?

Hardly. A few news outlets commented on his “bit***s” comment, but kudos to TMZ, Huffington Post and Perez Hilton for calling him out on it. I guess Bieber fans don’t mind being called “bit***s.” Does this mean they’re used to his mindless verbal vomit or do they not realize the implications of a spoiled pop star calling them “bit***s?” Or are his mostly tween fans just inured to the word itself?

This incident might hardly seem worth making a big deal about in the grand scheme of things, but Bieber’s attitude does reflect a continuing troublesome attitude toward women. It’s called misogyny, and it’s alive and well and thriving in the entertainment industry. Why didn’t Bieber just say “ladies” or “women” instead of “bit***s?” I can only guess why. In the comedy setting he was in, he might have been prepared to be roasted but D’Elia’s comment about having sex struck a nerve with him because Bieber’s response was spontaneous; if you watch the video, it’s obvious how quickly he reacts to D’Elia’s barb about “f**king himself!” He doesn’t appear to like his sexuality being called into question.

Maybe Bieber wasn’t offended by D’Elia and “bit***s” is just a word he uses for women. If that’s the case, he needs to remember most of his fans are tweens that idolize him. I was completely nutso about the Puerto Rican band Menudo. I used to hang on to everything they did, and could not miss one single show. The Menudo members weren’t allowed to date and had to keep their squeaky voices because once their voices matured, they were kicked out of the band. That’s just how it worked.

Let’s not forget Bieber was recently in South America, reportedly visiting brothels and sleeping with prostitutes. As if we can forget the infamous “sleeping Justin” video snippet that went crazy viral. When did he start thinking of ladies as “bit***s?” Was it on this “Believe” tour or before? I’d genuinely like to know because someone should talk to this kid about his potty mouth.

Justin, if you’re reading this, I think you need to apologize to ALL women for calling them “bit***s.” It does not matter who you sleep with as long as you use protection (always use protection, your mama would say the same thing) and treat all women with respect, including sex workers. You pay a service, that person provides you a service, and you give that person respect, young’un.

Just remember, Justin–you’re a pop star and it can all go away as quickly as a snap of the fingers. You won’t be young forever. Check yourself and RESPECT.

By Juana Poareo

Huffington Post