Khloe Kardashian to File for Divorce

kardashianKhloe Kardashian has tried everything she can to help her husband, Lamar Odom, with his rehab, but it seems that it is the end of the road and the reality TV star is looking to file for divorce.

The youngest of her sisters, Kardashian married Odom in 2009. She has stood by him during their turbulent relationship, even though it has included Odom allegedly having affairs. The final straw may have come after the NBA free agent was caught rapping about his possible affairs just last month. The YouTube video was viewed as a confession by many, including his wife.

However, instead of being upset by the “confession”, Kardashian was more upset at the sight that her husband was still abusing substances. A source informed Radar Online that it was clear Odom was drunk while he shot the video. While his wife wanted him to go to rehab after seeing the video, he refused, causing the final breakdown in their marriage. He insists that despite using before the video, he is clean and sober.

The allegations over his infidelities have come out over the last few months. A number of women have spoken out about their relationships with him, including a defense attorney and a graduate student.

Odom has been convicted of a DUI, which the reality star stood by him for. He agreed to three years probation for his crime. However, it has not stopped Kardashian deciding that it is time to file for a divorce.

The reality star and her husband enjoyed fame when their marriage led to its own TV show. The cameras would follow them around, but none of Odom’s affairs seem to have been caught on camera. At one point, fans probably thought that the couple would never breakup.

The cracks started to show after the allegations in the summer. It does seem like they were ready for something to happen even before the wedding. The two signed pre-nuptial agreements, which means that the divorce will be easier than most. Season 9 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will show the breakdown in her marriage. In trailers she tells sister, Kourtney Kardashian, that she needs to move on with her life and make a change.

That change is definitely here. The first sign that she is planning a divorce was leaving the house without her wedding ring. The 29-year-old star went to Jay Z’s Los Angeles concert, dressed in a short white dress, but no ring and without her husband in tow. However, Odom was there. The ring was also missing when she celebrated with Oprah Winfrey two days later.

It seems that Kardashian does still love her husband and wants the best for him. Someone close to the star admitted that she has changed her mind on this decision in the past, but now she is thinking towards the future. She does not want children with someone who cannot get help for his alcohol and drug problems. She has definitely tried, but it seems like the right time for Kardashian to move on and file for divorce.

By Alexandria Ingham

Radar Online


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