Kim Kardashian Christmas

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The new year is fast approaching but a Kim Kardashian Christmas is still the rage.  One must wonder if Santa traveled under armed guard as he delivered the likes of matching Lamborghini’s for Kanye and new-born North?  Did Santa need a special invitation to stop off at the houses of famous designers Stella McCartney, Giuseppe Zanotti, Charlotte Olympia and Michael Coste to pick up a ‘few’ items for six month old family member Nori? Shoes were obviously on Nori’s Santa list. Santa’s bag was stuffed with white sneakers and black flats from Zanotti; while Olympia sent along some adorable kitty shoes and Coste weighed down Santa with pink ribbon Hermes Paris slippers and a fabulous baby blanket. Linus Van Pelt only wishes he had one of these. It is a good thing that Santa did not get the foot wear mixed up with the elves usual Christmas socks.

And let us not forget what Kanye Clause hid under the old tree. A one-of-a-kind custom-painted Hermes Birkin bag. But not just any bag; this bag is huge and Santa was on special assignment for this Birkin. Famed artist George Condo had to stop off at the North Pole to create a one-of-a-kind painting for the Birkin. The Birkin now sports an ensemble of nudes some with strange monster faces.

Kanye wanted this Kardashian Christmas to be one for the books. The cost of the final work is not known since the price tag was marked out with a sharpie pen. But, if you are keeping the books for Kanye here is a rough estimate of this elf-magical Birkin Bag (as reported from Mrs. Claus). One Birkin bag retail, the size of Kardashian’s, is $16,000. One of Condo’s paintings – $1.3 million. Kardashian must have been at the top of Santa’s nice list. It is just not every day that a Kardashian walks about with a true piece of art slung on her arm. But then Kim’s middle name is Noel. Yes, sir! Born Kimberly Noel Kardashian. So she must have a special place in Santa Kanye’s heart.

Now we all know that Christmas is a family time, so what about the Kardashian family Christmas you ask? Well, we will have to wait for season 9 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Mail Online UK has reported that the Kardashian matriarch, Kris, age 58, spent an entire month preparing the house for the Christmas party. Her cottage in Hidden Hills, California, was decked and ready for the family. Santa had to check his list twice to account for Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Robert, Kendall and Kylie along with Kanye and Scott Disick. Oh and a camera crew, a director, a producer, the makeup team and entourage. Now that is a “family affair” Christmas.

So one may dream of a white Christmas or a Christmas at home but Santa is dreaming of a lighter load from his sleigh now that the Kardashian Christmas is over. Now Santa can sit back and relax for few days before beginning work on next year’s Kardashian Christmas.

Written by Anthony Clark

Hollywood Life
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