Kindle Fire Commercials in Hot Competition With iPad

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A brand new advertisement for the Kindle Fire, which is in hot competition with the iPad, has Amazon taking some fun shots at Apple Senior Vice President Jony Ive.  The ad, which is being put out on YouTube shows an actor pretending to be Ive discussing the differences between the Kindle Fire HDX and the iPad Air with a representative from Amazon.

The ad obviously claims that in comparison, Kindle Fire HDX is superior to iPad Air. The HDX tablet has nearly a million more pixels in its display. It also weighs less than the iPad Air and costs approximately $120 less.

Ive is known for doing a narration every time a new idevice is launched in a dedicated Internet video.  Throughout the recent Kindle advertisement, the actor performing the parody of Ive is trying to promote different features of the latest iPad Air. Each time, he is outdone by an Amazon representative.

It is not a surprise that companies like Microsoft or Amazon like to take aim at Apple or their products.  Currently, iPad is listed as the most popular device of its kind currently on the market. When Apple’s new 9.7-inch display was first promoted, Amazon quickly countered back with their promotion of the Kindle Fire HDX being lighter in weight than the iPad.

As it turns out, in this hot competition between Amazon and Apple’s smaller computer tablets, the Kindle Fire HDX does have some bragging rights.  According to a recent study by DisplayMate, the display technology used by the iPad mini with Retina display is not even considered to be in the ballpark as the same type of technology used by the Kindle Fire HDX 7.

Currently, Microsoft is still the record holder when it comes to aggressive satire of Apple and Apple products.  There is even a commercial that has the voice of “Siri,” the popular voice used in iPhone technology in a parody of a mini commercial about the iPad. There was also a series of videos that apparently parodied both the late Steve Jobs as well as Ive. For obvious reasons, those ads were quickly removed.

Most experts in the technology scene say that Apple started the commercial feud with the well-known “I’m a Mac” commercials.  Even as Amazon is taking on the Air, Microsoft has come up with the “Scroogled” ad campaign against Google that is getting increasingly creative. The ads attack everything from privacy concerns to the incredibly cheap Chromebook. Nokia  has even released advertisements along the same line in which they make the benefits of the Lumia 2520 known and compare to an anonymous iPad model.

The idea of convincing would-be Christmas shoppers that their product is best might seem imperative to companies at the present time when one considers that sales of products such as the iPad and other mobile technology is predicted to be greater than the PC for the first time ever this shopping season.

Although the commercial is aimed at United States viewers, Amazon was also hoping to communicate a message about their products to shoppers in the United Kingdom by offering people in that area of the world a Cyber Monday discount for that day only.

At the end of the holiday season, it is probable that there will be a debate as to who won the hot shopping season competition, the iPad or the Kindle Fire HDX.

By Rick Hope


The Independent

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