Lisa Niemi Welcomes New Love [UPDATE]

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Lisa Niemi, the widow of actor Patrick Swayze, welcomes new love in her life as she became recently engaged on Christmas Eve.  Time has moved on for her and she is ready to love once more.  The 57-year-old blond beauty has been living life alone since the passing of her beloved husband.  Married to Patrick Swayze for 34 years, she stood by his side as he battled pancreatic cancer which took his life in 2009.

The Finnish-American dancer fell in love with her instructor’s son at age 15.  She was studying at the Houston Ballet and Swayze just happened to be there all the time.  The romance flourished full steam ahead as they both embarked in dual careers of dance and music.  They married and traveled together living from rags to riches along the way.  They did everything together including moving furniture on motorcycles.

Chronicled in Swayze’s book penned shortly before his death, The Time of My Life, Niemi was always there for the ups and downs of marriage, struggles in the big city and through his illness.  The pair worked together like magic and were one in spirit and resolve.  Their love saw them through numerous joys and heartaches which helped to create many works of art along the way.

Although the union of Swayze and Niemi did not produce children, their love was plenty in acres of land and animals.  Respecting each other’s work in the industry, the match seemed to be heaven sent and blessed from the beginning.  The duo were constantly consulting with one another and eventually performed on stage in One Last Dance in 2003, choreographed by Niemi.  Their chemistry was magical and so was their love and respect for each other.

Swayze, the star of Ghost and Dirty Dancing, became a Hollywood heart-throb, driving the girls wild, but he always stayed true to his first love.  Not to say Niemi did not have opportunities of her own, but their marriage always came first no matter what.

Things were very good for the couple for a long time, but then Swayze got sick.  He had severe pain and just did not feel well.  The dire diagnosis of pancreatic cancer had entered their lives.  Although he continued to shoot his TV series The Beast, he was in constant pain and lost a lot of weight.  Swayze remained optimistic, yet realistic about his future.  He did all he could do as he assured Niemi of his love.  He only wanted her to have happiness after he was gone.

Niemi lost the love of her life in September of 2009.  Since then, she has carried on in the fight against the disease and has been active with research projects concerning pancreatic cancer.  She shared and wrote about her experiences in her new book Worth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward.  Her love and respect for Swayze will remain, even as she moves on in her life with a new love.

It seems to be possible to love again as Niemi is now engaged to married.  She met Albert DePrisco, a Florida jeweler, through mutual friends almost two years ago.  Flying her own plane as the private pilot, Niemi embraced the long distance relationship between California and Florida on her own terms.  The time seemed to be right as happiness is in store for Niemi once again.  No doubt DePrisco found the perfect engagement ring for his soon-to-be new bride, as he certainly found a charming gal to share his life with.  May Lisa and Albert love and dance together in happiness with Patrick’s blessing from above.

UPDATE: On Sunday May 25, 2014, Niemi and DePrisco were married in a small, elegant ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida. The happy couple became united as husband and wife at the Mar-a-Largo Club before 50 guests. The beautiful event was celebrated with classical music and plenty of dancing.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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