Mayor Rob Ford Believes “Women Love Money” as Gifts

Mayor Rob Ford

With the holidays quickly approaching, many may need some advice on what to get family and friends. Looking for a gift for special special lady? Take advice from Mayor Rob Ford, who says “women love money,” in response to what he was giving his wife this Christmas. He encourages the average Joe to give that special someone a couple thousand dollars, then throw in some perfume and a basket of flowers. Apparently, the way to a woman’s heart is with a fat check. That will make her happy this holiday season, according to the controversy-prone Toronto mayor.

Renata Ford, his wife, has rarely been seen in the media. However, she was brought into the limelight last month after her husband allegedly made inappropriate comments towards a female staff member. Ford mentioned his oral sex life with his wife while denying making any sexually explicit comments to a female co-worker.

This is not the first time Rob Ford has been in hot water for his comments about women. Earlier this year, he made a comment that he would offer to “explain how politics works” to women. It seems that these fumbling mistakes are a common occurrence for the mayor.

Just last week he was reported issuing his second apology to the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale. Ford made controversial remarks about Dale on a talk show, stating that he was “lurking” near his home. He also insinuated the reporter may be a pedophile, since Ford believed he was taking pictures of children.

This is one of the few times Ford has stepped forward to do an interview. He has been involved in less public speaking since his recent, ongoing crack cocaine scandal. During this particular encounter, he expressed his confidence in the upcoming election on January 2nd. He was caught saying, “It is going to be a war, but it is going to be fun, let me tell you.” After the interview he invited the radio show hosts to Toronto to visit. He is quoted saying: “Call me when you get to the airport. I’ll take care of your hotels and treat you like kings.”

Ford is not the only one accused of throwing money around or giving it away as gifts. Councillor Doug Ford, Rob Ford’s brother, seems to be just as loose with his funds. Last week he was allegedly guilty of “vote buying,” while being videotaped giving away $20 bills at a community housing building in northwest Toronto. Doug Ford also gave his politician brother a Cadillac Escalade for his birthday, a vehicle worth roughly $63,000 on the lowest end.

It seems Ford’s ability to put his food in his mouth almost exceeds his level of confidence. His gift suggestions show a remarkable lack of awareness for the average man’s budget. It seems Ford, and his wealthy sibling, exist in a completely different financial orbit than the people he was elected to serve.  Hopefully he will be more careful about his comments in the future, especially involving women.

By Emily Kane

Toronto Sun
New National Post

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