Michelle Bachelet’s Socialist Chilean Party Promises Reforms

Michelle Bachelet

“I shall be a president for everyone in Chile”, said Michelle Bachelet to the current president, Mr. Sebastian Pinera, after winning the Chilean run-off for presidency. She secured more than 62 percent of votes in a country of 17 million people. A member of the Socialist Chilean Party, she vowed to improve education and promised reforms mainly in the sphere of education.

Reforms by a Chilean Socialist leader may not be uncommon but definitely something to be debated. Socialists or Communists are normally pretty much against reformist ideals as per the theory of Marxism is concerned. Nevertheless, there are many of Latin-American countries like Brazil and Venezuela who have undertaken several reformist measures lately and have chosen the path of moderate socialism.

Outgoing president, Sebastian Pinera, is a very successful entrepreneur and had a significant involvement to bring back democracy in Chile. After Pinochet’s dictatorial rule, he became the president and up to date most of the reforms are accredited to him. Nonetheless, there is widespread dissent against Pinera which became evident in the poll run-off on Dec. 15th, 2013. This far-right leader did not show any arrogance and instead congratulated Bachellet. This kind appreciation and co-operation shows that Chile has only grown stronger as a true Democracy since 1990.

When asked about her primary agendas, Bachelet said that education will be her focal point and it will be made available to all, not just a few. She continued saying that at present, education is very expensive and meant for the rich people. Addressing a jubilant crowd she added “Profits can’t be motor behind education because education is not merchandise and dreams are not a consumer good.” Michelle Bachelet is the first person of the Socialist Chilean Party to have won the crown of presidency twice. Pinera called her over phone and promised “patriotic collaboration” to provide a better life for all Chileans. He added, “Chileans have spoken loud and clear” and congratulated her heartily.

Michelle Bachelet promised several reforms to be introduced if she ever wins the election, and now is the time to see whether she can do it or not. The Socialist Chilean leader of the Centre-left Chilean Party promised to revise corporate tax to reduce the disparity between the rich and the poor. She commented that Chile is doing fairly good in every sector but that development is not equal. The moderate Socialist leader Michelle Bachelet promised to bring about profound social changes and reforms to the Chilean people as she told the 10,000 odd crowd, “The social and political conditions are here and at last the moment has arrived.” Bachellet is a moderate Socialist and promised to introduce reforms on the political-economic sphere such as free higher education for most of the Chileans. She garnered more than 3.4 million votes and will take her seat on Mar. 11th, 2014. She also promised radical changes such as adopting a new constitution and raising almost $8 million to fund the higher education sector of the country. In Santiago, Bachelet told the reporters that “The time has come to carry out the changes.” Do people think that Bachalet can really bring smile to the Chilean faces with her promised reforms? Please leave a comment.

By Sunando Basu

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