New York Has Brand New Species of Cockroach

New York Has Brand New Species of Cockroach

A brand new species of cockroach has showed up in New York and it has arrived just in time for the holiday season. The “best” part about this newest cockroach class is that it is able to tolerate severe cold.

There really in not anything that amazing about discovering a new type of cockroach in New York. After all, there is definitely not a shortage of the disgusting insect in the city, or in any urban or rural area.

The pest has always been known for the hardiness it has in being able to live in the most terrible of conditions. It also has earned a reputation for having the ability to survive without much food or even have air for a period of time. Most everyone has heard the rumor of if the human race ever actually were to be successful in destroying itself with nuclear bombs, that even then the lowly cockroach would stay alive and be able to continue carrying on, although there is no way to know if that is actually true.

But the evidence is present in the here and now for the resilience of the cockroach species, Periplaneta japonica, which has been deep-rooted in Asia but who has never yet been actually confirmed as ever showing up in the United States, until now that is.

In a research paper written for the Journal of Economic Entomology, two insect biologists, Dominic Evangelista and Jessica Ware, penned about the presence of the Asian cockroach and also stated how sightings had been confirmed. The bug was first seen back in 2012 by a pest control worker who was on the High Line. This is part of Manhattan’s splendid urban park, which had taken back the former raised branch of the New York Railroad which was located over on the West Side.

The exterminator had the insect body sent to the University of Florida for study. In due course, it made its way to Ware’s laboratory, where it received both genetic and numerous other tests. When the results came back, it was confirmed that this cockroach was of the Asian variety.

What is not clear is how the Periplaneta japonica ended up in New York. One possible way is that it could have arrived by being inside the dirt and soil from some of the Asian plants which were brought into the city.

Ware explained how there are numerous nurseries all over the United States which have both native plants and also imported plants. That means it is not at all any kind of stretch to image that could have been the source of the infestation.

At the present, it is much too early to predict what the consequences will be of the cockroaches’ arrival in America. However the scientists feel there is no reason for any sort of fear.

Evangelista stated that since this insect version is so closely related to the many cockroach species that are already in existence in urban environments, they will be competing with one another for food, living space and other things. This could cause them to die out rather quickly

However, the one thing that Periplaneta japonica has going for it is that it has shown it is able to survive outdoors in the freezing cold and in numerous snow conditions that were fatal to other cockroach species. However, the uniqueness of New York snow might just give it a major challenge.

Ware explained that other scientists had reported the Asian cockroach did extremely well in very cold weather, so it is very possible that the bug might be able to survive outside during a New York winter, although it is unknown how the insect would handle the dirty New York snow.

Nevertheless, the new species of cockroach is now in New York.

By Kimberly Ruble

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