Nigella Lawson and Oprah Winfrey to Meet for Interview?

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Nigella Lawson is looking to rebuild her reputation – what way better to do so than appearing on Oprah Winfrey? Speculation is running rampant that Lawson is planning to sit down with Oprah to discuss her publicly embittered divorce with ex-husband Charles Saatchi. The interview will also focus on the allegations that Lawson is addicted to cocaine. Saatchi accused his cooking sensation ex-spouse of using cocaine everyday for nearly a decade.

Saatchi also accused Lawson of “poisoning” her daughter with drugs basically leading the 19-year-old down a destructive path of ruin. All of this stemmed after Saatchi was caught squeezing Lawson’s throat outside of a restaurant this past summer. A week after the incident Saatchi waved aside any abuse claims, stating the touch was merely part of a “playful tiff.” It was the “tiff” heard round the world, as outcry’s stemmed from anti-abuse groups across the globe.

The incident outside of the restaurant would be one of many ugly moments to occur between the embittered couple. In early July, reports surfaced that Lawson filed divorce papers. Saatchi stated it was he who initiated the proceedings. Regardless, of who started the divorce, it finalized by the end of July amid a not listed settlement amount. It’s imagined Lawson will be discussing these events on the Oprah show, if she is invited to sit down with the daytime goddess.

The Grillo sisters currently are being accused of
The Grillo sisters currently are being accused of

Currently, Lawson is fighting allegations from two former personal assistants. Those assistants, Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo worked for Lawson, previous to the cook star’s marriage to Saatchi. Once the power couple were married, a darker secret was allegedly happening behind the scenes. The assistants are accused of stealing credit cards to fund a very lavish lifestyle of clothes, trips and other material items. Where did the Grillo sisters obtain the credit cards? From none other than Lawson, states allegations. The cards were financed by banks accounts attached to the formerly married power couple. Testimony from the sisters state there was an agreement between the use of the cards and Lawson.

The sisters attorney, Anthony Metzer states that Lawson was fully aware of the ongoings of her assistants. She actually approved of the shopping spree of theft with one condition. The sisters claim that Lawson paid them to keep her drug use on the down low. Say nothing and the sisters could lavish in a lifestyle worthy of the bribe. Saatchi was astounded with the announcement, claiming he never saw evidence his ex-wife did use drugs, but after reviewing the case – believed the testimony of his former assistants.

How will Lawson explain the case and ongoing situation with Oprah? Many expect a candid interview on many things with Oprah, but also expect vague references when it comes to the Grillo sisters and their accusations. Lawson did deny any physical abuse between the couple during the marriage, but firmly believes her ex-husband is looking to ruin her reputation and financial stance.

Lawson has admitted to using cocaine during two darker periods in her life, but refuses to state she has an addiction problem. When it comes to the Grillo sisters, Lawson has remained mostly quiet. She simply states the sisters were to use the credit cards for household expenses and was very fond of the sisters. The credit card usage has nearly toppled the $1 million mark.

Right now, no specific day or time has been announced for Lawson to appear for an interview with Oprah. Oprah has toted Lawson’s cookbooks on her site, but little else has been seen to confirm the interview. For now, rumors speculate 2014 may ring in a new year and a new way for Lawson to clear her reputation and the confusion. Will Lawson sit down with Oprah Winfrey for a tell-all? That remains unconfirmed but a high possibility. It would make a perfect platform for Lawson to replenish her image, clear her name and restart a new life in the States.

Would you be interested to see Lawson site with Oprah?
Would you be interested to see Lawson sit with Oprah for a tell all?


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