Ohio Girl Found Dead Inside Trash Can

Ohio Girl Found Dead Inside Trash Can

An Ohio girl has been found dead inside a trash can close to her home only hours after she was reported as missing, Ohio state police has stated.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Reann Murphy was last seen on Saturday evening near 5:30 p.m. while she played outside at the mobile home park where she resided. The trailer park is located in Smithville, Ohio, which is around 30 miles to the south of Akron.

As soon as the missing child report came in, police officers, deputies, firefighters, first responders and concerned residents started a desperate search in the area for the little girl, age 9. Sadly, sheriff’s deputies discovered her remains in the trash bin at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning; only around five hours after Reann had been reported missing.

Ohio investigators stated her death was declared a homicide and proceeded as such. The Sheriff’s Department, the Wayne County coroner and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations Unit were all involved in the murder investigation.

Wayne County Sheriff Travis Hutchinson stated that Reann’s “violent death” was troublesome, especially because she was a child. He said that all violent deaths were upsetting, but a child suffering through one was especially difficult to deal with. He added that no stone would be left unturned until the crime was solved.

Obviously they worked very hard because a suspect has been arrested and is now in their custody. No details have been released about this person as of yet.

An unidentified neighbor, who lived in a home that was located close to the mobile home park, stated that she did not know Reann or the girl’s family, but that she felt very scared and shocked by the child’s killing.

She explained that the murder sickened her and she was extremely sad for the child’s entire family. She also added that she could not believe it had happened so close to Christmas. Something like a child’s murder is just awful. People never believe anything like that will ever occur in the area where they live.

The neighbor also explained that the trailer park was somewhat run-down but she believed it to be a generally safe area. She added that she had not known of any serious crimes happening there in the time that she had been living in the area.

Minor things have happened in the region but nothing as tragic and serious as what happened to Reann Murphy.

It was also announced that the suspect has been charged with the murder of Reann. This was announced by Sheriff Hutchinson on the Wayne County Sheriff Department’s Twitter account Sunday afternoon. A news conference was scheduled to be held at 2:30 p.m. However, anyone that might have any other important information to do with this case is asked to call the Sheriff’s Department at 330-287-5750.

It has not been released to the public how the child was killed. But how tragic it is for this little Ohio girl to be found dead inside a trash can and at this time of year.

By Kimberly Ruble


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