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PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have been a long time coming. Gamers who have worn out their controllers are in  luck this Christmas—both Sony and Microsoft are finally revealing updates to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, after seven and eight years respectively. It’s a smart thought that these consoles are going to be going fast, so the savvy shopper should know which one they want to grab when they see the last one on the shelf. But it already appears that most of the population has chosen the best buy for the holiday season, the majority will see the PlayStation 4 gaming console under their Christmas tree this year.

This report comes from an online retailer, BuyVia, which has announced that demand for the PlayStation 4 is 3.3 times larger than for the Xbox One. In buying percentages, however, 43 percent went for the Xbox One while 57 percent chose the PlayStation 4. One of the co-founders of BuyVia, Norman Fong, suggested that these varying numbers could be due to the limited stock of the PlayStation 4. Outside of online shopping, physical stores are reporting a similar buying trend, finding that the Xbox One appears to have daily availability, while the PlayStation 4 is only in stock about once a week.

However, the most current trend may not be the best for all consumers. In taking a more in-depth look at the features of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, readers will be able to choose for themselves which gaming console is best and which they prefer to buy this holiday season.

Microsoft’s offering appears to be geared more toward being the main event on customers’ televisions. It can be used for basic TV watching, surfing the Web, connecting with Skype calls and video, streaming videos, opening computer files, and viewing photos.  With the built-in Kinect, it can do it without a remote control. Consumers that are into voice control will mostly enjoy playing with the Xbox One’s menu, but as with all voice recognition, it has its flaws. In addition, if other people in the room are attempting to have a conversation, there is no quiet option for changing the channel or getting anything else done on the console. Game-wise, there are a lot of pluses. It has great graphics, an in-screen feature (though many games still need to start playing with this option) and SmartGlass, which allows you to connect to various devices in your household. Once game makers get a sense for how the Xbox One performs, it’s likely they’ll come up with a new generation of great games for it.

The same is true of the PlayStation 4, but this console is clearly built for games rather than as a media hub. At $100 cheaper than the Xbox One (which sells for $500), it’s quite frankly better looking and is a powerful little device. It doesn’t come with Kinect, but has a camera which can be purchased for an additional $60 that allows voice and facial recognition with similar results to the Xbox One. When it comes to game play, the PlayStation 4 seriously pulls ahead. While it has the same sort of entertainment apps as the Xbox One available for download, the razor-sharp graphics and lightning fast speed make for a better gaming experience.

Many will be deliberating on this console choice this holiday season, but those who buy the PlayStation 4 will have the best gaming experience seen on a console thus far. Those who aren’t into gaming as much, but prefer to have one place they can go to for streaming, surfing, Skyping and more, will probably be just fine with the Xbox One.

By Marisa Corley

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