Pokémon Nintendo 2DS Bundles Come out Today [Video]

Nintendo Pokemon bundle for sale

While supplies last you can find special Pokémon themed Nintendo 2DS bundles, just in time for the holidays. These bundles come out today and cost $149.99. Supplies are expected to go quick, if you want one for Christmas you may want to act fast.

The Nintendo 2DS came out only two months ago but is already being bundled with the newest Pokemon releases Pokemon X and Pokemon Y which also came out nearly two months ago. The 2DS can still play all games the 3DS can but it can not render them in 3D. The 2Ds can also play an original DS games (which there are tons of).

Ordinarily the Nintendo 2DS costs $129.99 but the price of these Pokémon themed bundles is $149.99. Considering the price of buying Pokemon X or Y is $39.99 right now the bundle is currently the cheapest way to get both items unless you want a physical copy of the game. The Pokemon X and Y bundles come with a digital copy of the game already installed on the 2DS. For most that won’t be a problem but particular gamers out there are very into the idea of having hard copies of their games.

There are two different 2DS to choose from. A red 2DS which comes with Pokémon X and a blue 2DS which comes with Pokémon Y. The red bundle can only be found at Target while the blue bundle is only available at Toys R Us.

The 2DS was made to be a cheaper more kid friendly version of the 3DS. When you pair that with the ever kid friendly Pokemon series you have a Christmas present a lot of kids will go bananas for. Plus, the digital download of the game ensures that no kid is going to lose their copy of the game, unless they lose their 2DS which is less likely than losing a 3DS because the 2DS can not fold into itself, making it bigger and easier to locate.

This new generation of Pokemon is great for new and returning players. The game starts in the ordinary way, offering you a fire, grass, or water starter and then once you get a little further in the game you receive one of the original starters from the Pokemon red and blue. Meaning that you can reunite with Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur for some nostalgic Pokemon fun. The game follows the old-school formula of getting eight badges and fighting the elite four however there are so many small fixes and entirely new ideas that the game still feel fresh and fun. It is also likely to keep kids occupied for a long time considering how long it takes to beat the game.

These Pokemon themed Nintendo 2DS bundles are available as of today. Be sure to act fast because supplies are limited. Remember that the red bundle with Pokemon Y is only offered at Target and the blue bundle with Pokemon X is only offered at Toys R Us. Both bundles are priced at $149.99.


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