Rapper Doe B. Gunned Down in Montgomery, Alabama


Rapper Doe B., given name, Glenn Thomas, a member of superstar T.I.’s Grand Hustle, was gunned down in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday. The 22-year-old up-and-comer was reportedly gunned down at the Centennial Bar and Grill in Montgomery.

The rapper was pronounced dead after having been transported to a local hospital. This was not the first time he had been shot. He had previously been shot in the eye and famously sported an eye patch as a result. DJ Frank White, also of Montgomery, was Thomas’s appearance manager and reported that Thomas was not performing at the time of the incident.

T.I. paid his respects to the slain Thomas via Twitter in the hours following his death saying “RIP to my lil brother Doe B. We gon miss u…U’ll never be forgotten & U WILL NOT DIE IN VAIN. We Love U champ. Always.”

His management company, Blueprint Group also offered its condolences to his loved ones and those who worked closely with the young star.  They encouraged fans of Thomas to remember him “by his love of life and the music he left behind.”

Indeed, it would appear that the rapper did have a great love for life, at least from his final tweet before being gunned down in the Montgomery bar. He had re-tweeted a message indicating that life was great within just an hour of his tragic death.

In addition to Thomas, a 21-year old social work major at Troy University, Kimberle Johnson, also of Montgomery, was  tragically killed when the gunfire rang out. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Six additional victims suffered injuries and have been reported in stable condition.

The fatal shooting incident is being blamed in part of the establishment where it happened. Police report that the Centennial Bar and Grill and the area that it is located in have been the scene for multiple shootings in the past. It has always been the bar’s policy to check for weapons at the door, according to the owner, Nicole Bankhead, but it appears that in this case either the check did not occur or was not as thorough as necessary. The bar also has several signs posted indicating that weapons are not permitted on the premises.

Following the shooting, the mayor of the city of Montgomery ordered the business closed and said  that it is clear “that continued operation of this establishment poses an imminent threat to the public’s safety.” Bankhead has told police that she does not plan to reopen for business following the gunning down of the rapper.

Thomas had just signed with T.I. this past summer and had garnered widespread attention for his “Baby Je$us” mix tape released this summer as well. By all accounts, the young performer had a bright career in front of him. He was known for his “Trap style” and relaxed method of delivery. He was reportedly set to release his debut album with Interscope Records early in 2014.

Thomas leaves behind two young children and was reportedly expecting a third. Family, friends, loved ones and fans will no doubt be mourning today as Montgomery police continue their investigation into the tragic gunning down of Thomas, better known to fans as the rapper, Doe B.

By Michele Wessel


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