Rioting Erupts in Little India, Singapore

Rioting Erupts in Little India, Singapore

The rioting that erupted in Little India, Singapore on Sunday evening has finally come under control, according to the local police. It had started among south Asian workers and there was damaging of police cars and other vehicles in the city state’s district of Little India according to eyewitnesses.

This extremely rare outburst of public chaos, in harshly controlled Singapore, occurred in a place that is usually packed with over thousands of workers, mainly from the Indian subcontinent, spending time there while on their day off.

The riot was brought under control within about two hours or so but not before quite a bit of damage had been done.

The local police released a statement which said that 10 officers were injured, and five police vehicles, one emergency ambulance and numerous private vehicles had been damaged by at least 400 insurgents.

The press release also stated that on Dec. 7 at 9:23 p.m., there was fatal traffic accident which happened between a private bus and a person at the intersection of Hampshire Road and Race Course Road. Soon after this, the riot broke out, which involved a crowd of individuals which numbered around the 400 mark. This is where the subjects broke up the police vehicles and ambulance. The individuals also damaged the private vehicles and the 10 officers were wounded.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean stated that the incident was a very serious one. It has resulted in both injuries and also much damage to public and private property but now the situation is under control. The police will spare nothing in their determination to catch all the subjects at large which were involved in the rebellion.

In order to gain control over the unrest, the local police explain how they had to activate extra resources from the Special Operations Command and Gurkha Contingent to the scene. The special command unit was able to get the situation under control.

The Singapore Police Force also sent out a tweet around 11:50 p.m. Sunday night that the riot was going on at the location mentioned above, and they advised the general public to keep away from the area. They also released photographs which showed the ambulance being set on fire by the mob and also some of the police cars that had been turned upside down.

The rioters were said to have thrown glass bottle and numerous other items as well at the police officers.

It is believed the rioting was started by the south Asian workers, as was stated above, after the bus struck and hit one of them that had come in from Bangladeshi.

The Singapore Police Force also sent out a statement which told the citizens of Little India to remain indoors while the rioting continued. Other members of the public are recommended to stay out of the area. All members of the community are also instructed to keep calm and not to wonder on why this incident took place. Any citizen that has any information about the riot is advised to call the police at 1800-2550000.

But for now, the rioting which erupted in Little India, Singapore has stopped.

By Kimberly Ruble

 The Independent

The Straits Times

Yahoo News

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