Santa Claus Brings Fisher-Price iPad Chair

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This Christmas Santa Claus may be leaving an interesting new product for parents and for babies. The Apple Inc. iPad and Fisher-Price chair with iPad holder are now available in stores. These products provide an easy way to safely entertain and engage a young child.

Many critics claim that this might be detrimental, particularly to social and eye development. However, proponents of these products argue that they can be a good way to teach and entertain a child. For an extremely busy parent this seems like a godsend, it can keep a child entertained and potentially out of harm’s way.

With the great apps that are available to make an iPad work for babies, a little one can do things such as color or draw without leaving a mess for parents to clean up. There are free apps as well as cheap ones, but Santa Claus might be willing to split the bill for everything.

Available apps include interactive music games, read along stories, sing-along songs, counting, alphabet, and many others. There are also engaging black and white images which move and might help a baby’s eye-tracking as well as soothing nature scenes to help them fall asleep. This product is a must-have for busy moms.

The apps for babies and toddlers are sometimes free, but are more often in the $2 to $3 range. Though there are some that may be as much as $10, they are unnecessary. The iPad is a much more costly investment, but many people may already own one. The iPad will last a long time since it can be a useful tool for all ages. The case which is included with the Fisher-Price chair helps to protect the iPad.

The Fisher-Price bouncy seat has an iPad holder and this is the newest ingenious invention that makes for a truly unique experience for children. The chair has many great features and grows with them from infancy all the way up to 40 lbs. Santa Claus may be bringing the Fisher-Price iPad chair to your home this Christmas. Santa Claus can always be blamed if the present ends up being a dud. Just save the cardboard box because the cat will love it.

The Fisher-Price seat has a removable, rotating toy bar that adjusts to the child’s size and reach. The seat offers three positions to best accommodate a child’s comfort and a three point attachment restraint to keep baby from slipping out. Both the seat pad and head support can be easily removed for washing.

The seat locks the iPad into a case to protect it from drool, clumsy hands and mouths. When an iPad is not in the holder it has a mirror to reflect baby’s image. The chair can be bought for between $70 and $85.

The iPad must be purchased separately and free apps are available which time-out after 10 to 12 minutes so that a child does not get overstimulated. Only the visual display times-out which can leave sounds and music still playing to lull a child to sleep.

Most other bouncy seats cost between $20 and $80, but they do not hold children for this long. The average weight limit for most baby chairs is 25 lbs. So, the new Fisher-Price chair though on the expensive end will hold a child comfortably for much longer making it a worthwhile investment.

The seat was developed with the help of child development experts. It is not recommended that a child be left to use this device for long periods. It should also be used in moderation with plenty of other engaging and more physically active play.

This may be a great gift idea this Christmas as the seat itself is well designed and allows so much room for growth with or without the iPad. Using the iPad can occupy a child thereby freeing up a parent’s hands to complete household chores.

Experts caution against too much screen time for youngsters, but these products can be used to interact with a child. An iPad can easily be used for reading stories to baby or listening to music. The iPad will never give a child paper cuts or lead to costly fines at the local library. The iPad case is a wonderful product that will help ensure the long-life of an Apple Inc. iPad. If parents are lucky, and well-behaved, Santa Clause will be leaving the Fisher-Price iPad chair underneath their Christmas tree this year.

By Lara Stielow

Psychology Today

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