‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Reminds Us to Dream

Saving Mr. Banks

Imagination loves support and the film Saving Mr. Banks reminds us to dream. The movie premieres tomorrow nationwide, at the beginning of the last weekend before Christmas.  Timing is expected to be perfect coming from this camp as is the film’s production. A film about the making of movie Mary Poppins by Disney is great for publicity while also providing a glimpse of the creative process at work when it was still basically generic. There are many who will see the film because of interest in what went into the making of a film decades ago. Others may not see Mr. Banks, but curiosity may lead them to rent or buy Mary Poppins itself.

Mary Poppins premiered in 1964, winning five Oscars. Saving Mr. Banks may have many motives. Perhaps there is an underlying desire to awaken new viewers to an old film. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Saving Mr. Banks is a wonderful movie that reminds us, as adults, to dream and to think outside the box.

Nowadays many pictures for children have violence in them. Possibly they have more exposure to violent video games or television shows than adults realize. It is not the easiest thing to create something visual that people will come see these days. As quickly as films move to video, it is expensive to take the task on.

Why not promote a film, providing tidbits that may awaken renewed interest in a worthy film. Author of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers it is said, was not too happy with what was shown in the end. Is that really surprising? The writer’s vision is often the hardest to maintain. Children and adults loved it. Along with the Oscar wins were a load of Oscar nominations. Other wins include Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, American Cinema Editors, USA, Blue Ribbon Awards, Grammy Awards, Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards, Laurel Awards, Writers Guild of America, USA and more.  Mary Poppins stands on its own as being an incredible movie.

“Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down…..” Singing to motivate a child to take medicine? Mary Poppins is the Harry Potter, Toy Story, and Spirited Away from back in the day. This is one of those take a bath, pop popcorn, favorite blankets and start the film weekend things to do, especially during bad whether. Mary Poppins is filled with magic and happiness; it is a cup of sunshine on a cloudy day. Ms. Poppins is mystery glowing with light that brightens unhappy hearts.

A film that brings this type of energy to the forefront during the holiday season is perfect. These are the times of extraordinary amounts of children being snatched. Going outside to play without supervision is working its way towards fantasy for many and magic too often finds its way in the religion forum. Saving Mr. Banks reminds us there was a film years ago that can still be shown today. It is filled with magic music and dance. If allowed, Saving Mr. Banks can touch hearts and reminds us to dream.

By Dada Ra



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