Russia Rocked by Second Suicide Bomber Fears Rising Ahead of Olympics

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Yesterday, a bomb blast rocked the city of Volgograd in Russia. The female suicide bomber approached a railway station and detonated the bomb, sending an orange fireball into the sky and fears rocketing. Russia will be hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. An event President Putin is investing excessive funds into and now is creating fears if acts of terrorism continue. Putin harshly condemned the attacks and stated he would bolster security in all parameters of his country, especially near the Olympic hosting center.

Then a second bomb blast occurred this morning.

14 people were killed and over 28 people are currently reported as injured. The bombing occurred on a trolley bus in Volgograd. Russian officials suggests there is a connection between this morning’s explosion and the one completed yesterday. In the past several months, there have been more than a few suicide bombings around Russia. This bold move by an unnamed group is continually raising fears in citizens and enraging officials. It is providing a dark cloud of fear for a country named to host one of the largest and most diverse events in the world. The 2014 Olympic committee stated they have security measures in place and will boost those efforts in advance of the February event.

Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the Russian Investigative team stated officials are speaking with survivors of the recent blast to detail the list of events. Markin states, “Now it can be preliminarily said that the explosive device was set off by a male suicide bomber, whose body’s fragments were found and sent off for genetic testing to help identity him.” Markin further released the fragments recovered from the bomb blast yesterday matches the exact materials used in today’s bombing. It is with high hopes, officials will be able to determine a pattern leading to a responsible individual or group.

With the death toll climbing, officials are trying desperately find a lead, before another attack is planned or worse carried out. President Putin has called for an urgent meeting with the Federal Security chief and the interior minister to discuss the events that have transpired within the last 24 hours.

A local news team, Rossiya-24, aired graphic images that showed the trolley bus, charred. Debris littered the sidewalk as emergency crews responded to the scene. Volgograd is within 400 miles of Sochi and officials refuse to allow the acts of terrorism to bring fear to its citizens and further yet, the impending arrival of thousands from all around the world.

No reminder is needed for previous terrorist attacks during Olympic games. Their is the grim reminder of Munich and Centennial Olympic Park, seared into the memory of millions who witnessed the horror of their tragedies. President Putin resolves to locate the responsible parties and he is willing to invest a great deal into resources to make the acts of terrorism come to an end in his country.

The one area that has not been previously addressed is security on the buses and other modes of public transportation. During the security meeting Putin is holding today, it is certain this vulnerability will now be addressed. This morning as citizens traveled to work and boarded a trolley bus, an act of terrorism was completed. A second bomb blast rocked Olympics host country, Russia. Officials are currently investigating the scene and speaking to witnesses, as the death toll climbs to 30 in 24 hours.


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