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TeslaThe Tesla quietly runs and helps with the clean energy race. It runs on electricity and it is good for the environment. As long as there is an electrical outlet around the Tesla can be recharged and ready-to-go with amazing speed. Slow to catch on, this company is now being recognized as being uniquely able to keep up and possibly surpass the good old boys. There have been three Tesla vehicles that caught fire this year. In comparison there is an entire website where BMW owners complain of their cars catching fire; 11 were posted in 2013. It is understood mistakes happen, when it comes to perfection, no one is there yet.

It may be that the Tesla situation indicates a changing of the guard. If Tesla catches on and electric cars become the norm, oil companies may be affected. Many cars get an oil change every 3000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. Some of the newer cars can wait longer. The math is too evident to need calculation. Just look on the highway or any busy street and imagine in that one small area how much money that is. To relate, a hacker once stole $50,000 by stealing one penny from bank accounts across the country. Considering the amount of money oil companies can loose it is not surprising to see the sudden focus on the three incidents with Tesla cars that take the focus away from how quietly the cars run while assisting with providing clean energy.

Looking at what is causing the sudden concern makes it an even more interesting subject. According to Nelson Ireson, writer for Motor Authority there was a large piece of metal on the road, the Tesla Model S hit it, its front end was destroyed and the battery pack was ruptured. The end result was the battery pack caught fire. If this was a gas automobile the gas tank could have caught fire. According to Forbes writer Mark Rogowsky 187,500 gasoline operated car fires occurred in 2011. In addition, with the Tesla fire, the car literally told the driver to pull over.

Taking the innovative aspect of the Tesla into consideration there has to be admiration. Upgrading the Tesla Model S software and its physical abilities is done remotely. There is no need to visit the lot and wait in line. When the causes of two of the accidents were analyzed Tesla provided an over the air update improving the quality of the air suspension of all the vehicles. This update was for reducing the possibility of a reoccurrence of the previous underbody impact damage. In January there will be an additional update, which will allow drivers to have direct control over the air suspension ride height transition. Society does not always welcome change, possibly due to it being so closely connected to the unknown. Computers, cellphones and televisions have all made dramatic changes over the years, it is time for cars to do the same. Embracing innovation can be an invigorating experience. Tesla is here making a strong statement by combining quiet luxury with clean energy.

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