The Voice Live Final Performances (Review & Videos)

The Voice Live Final Performances

There are just two more episodes left of The Voice this season, tonight being the Final Live Performances episode, where the Top Three competitors left perform live for the final time before the winner is chosen tomorrow night. The competitors will sing their live audition songs again, then sing a duet with their coaches, then sing another solo song.

Team Adam has two members left who will perform tonight on The Voice, Will Champlin and Tessanne Chin, while Christina Aguilera has the third competitor who is still in the competition, Jacquie Lee, on her team. Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton have had all of their team members eliminated, but they will still add their comments and weigh in on who they think gives the best performances.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the show by introducing the three remaining competitors and recapping how they each have reached tonight. We saw how they were chosen by their coaches, a few brief highlights of the performances, and then — Carson said “Tonight, the entire season is at stake. It all comes down to your votes.”

The coaches all came together onstage to perform “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard, who were the musician and backup singers! The audience had their hands raised in the air, rocking out, and blasts of fire shot up form the stage. It was a great performance, and it was pretty cool that the original members of Def Leppard were there.

Tessanne sang “Try” by Pink after the first commercial break of The Voice. She got all four of the coaches to turn their chairs around when she sang it for her audition. She NAILED the song, as she did the first time she sang it. She got up close and personal to the audience — her stage presence and ability at playing to the audience has improved, I’d say — she always has had a great voice. She received a standing ovation, ‘natch.

Adam: “I think that everything you do just draws me in. Your ability is so extraordinary, I revel in it all the time. You make me feel better, and what you’ve got, honest to God, is exceedingly rare.”

Cee Lo: “I think she did wonderful. You’ve just improved, just evolved, that’s to be commended at all costs. You deserve it all, darling.”

Carson reminded America that if you want Tessanne Chin or any of the other two competitors left to move on and be the winner, you need to vote for her or them right after The Voice is over tonight.

Carson read the question: “How come don’t the coaches ever switch their chairs?”

The coaches switched chairs then. Adam said that Blake’s chair “smelled kind of like alcohol.”

Carson: “Do you think that Adam had picked up a Jamaican accent being around Tessanne?”

Adam answered: “No, mon.”

Then, someone wrote in wishing Christina an early happy birthday — her birthday will be on Wednesday.

Will Champlin sang “Not Over You” next, his audition song. The audience clapped along as he sang. He gave an INCREDIBLE performance, and he was dressed in a sharp-looking suit.

The audience had their hands up in the air, as they did during Tessanne’s performance. He displayed his wide vocal range, and hit some pretty high notes. The females in the audience screamed, and he got a standing ovation when he finished the song.

Adam: “There isn’t anyone who works harder than Will. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in your head. You get knocked down, but you never have second-guessed yourself. You just come right back. And, then there’s your natural abilities as a musician and a singer.”

Christina: “What an amazing journey you’ve been on. To overcome your second-guessing and other struggles, and to make it to the Final Three — good job.”

Carson says that after the break, Jacquie Lee will sing the Amy Winehouse song she auditioned with, “Back to Black.” It was the song that got Christina to turn her chair, for “the little girl who had the huge voice.”

Jacquie Lee has such a strong, powerful voice. She puts her whole being into whatever she sings. Her voice soared, as it did during her audition and every time she has performed on The Voice since then. She had the audience clapping, cheering and Christina was holding her arms up in the air, dancing in her chair. She got a standing ovation, also.

Christina: “I love this girl so much! I really get so much joy watching you do what you do! You make me smile, and you make me enjoy everything you do, and KILLING it. There’s something so special inside of you! We just have a good time together. I’m so proud of you. This girl is a GEM! She is going to go so many places!”

Carson said that the coaches will take the stage next with their coaches to sing duets. Tessanne and Adam will be singing “Let It Be” by the Beatles. We got to see Adam and Tessanne in the recording studio, rehearsing the song.

I LOVE this song to begin with, and Adam and Tessanne did a FANTASTIC job singing it. They had a great choir in the background — the organ player was spot-on, also, Adam was terrific on the guitar. When they both did a line each and made it sound like a Reggae song, that was pretty cool, also.

“Coming up,” Carson says, “will be an emotional duet with Christina and Jacquie Lee.”

Jacquie Lee relates to Christina that her dad had told her if she had a choice, she’d better go with Christina.

We got to see Jacquie Lee and Christina rehearsing in the sound studio. They looked like they were having a lot of fun.

The duet they sang was “We Remain.” They did an AMAZING job with the song, and you could tell that they have become friends over the course of the season on The Voice.They harmonized really well together, and they both KILLED this song.

Next up, Carson said that Adam will sing the Elton John song “Tiny Dancer” with Will Champlin.

“I’m so proud of you,” Adam tells Will when the show comes back from break. They are seen rehearsing “Tiny Dancer.” They do SUPER good during the rehearsals in the recording studio.

Adam and Will OWNED this song. IMHO, just about any Elton John song is good, but this is one of his best-known classics, along with ones like “Candle In the Wind” and “Daniel.” The pair had the audience cheering and screaming as they sang, and clapping along — then, the audience erupted in applause.

Coming up next on The Voice, the Top Three will each sing one more song each, according to Carson.

“Here’s Jacquie, Tessanne, and Will, with ‘I’ll Be There,'” Carson said right after the break. The Top Three KICKED ASS with this Jackson 5 standard. They all looked like they were clearly getting into singing it, and they all harmonized so well together. It was a pretty impressive performance.

“For tonight’s finale performance, I’ll be singing ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston,” Tessanne Chin said.

Tessanne was in a beautiful red dress as she sang this Whitney Houston classic. She NAILED it, also — Tessanne has a very powerful voice, with a huge vocal range — she ROCKED the song out. Adam and the audience gave her a standing ovation.

Carson asked Adam what his thoughts were after the performance by Tessanne.

Adam: “My thoughts? I don’t have thoughts right now — just emotions. It was so flawless and amazing. It was unlike anything else I’ve ever heard — it’s unbelievable. I’m so blown away by what you do. In my mind and in my heart, you’re the winner of this show.”

Will sang his last solo performance on The Voice next, “Everything I Do I Do It For You.” America, if you’d like Will to move on and be the winner, remember to vote for him right after the show.

Will sang without his glasses on — he filled the song with so much emotion. He made it his own version, and sang the heck out of it.He hit some freakishly high notes, and did a terrific job singing this song.

Adam: “Will, I kinda consider this a victory for you. Dude, this is as if you’ve won already. I can’t see any negatives in that you’re here in the Final Three. I’m just happy. You’ve won — you’re here.”

Blake: “I always look forward to hearing you sing. That particular performance — it was more reserved. It was solid all the way through, a really good performance, man.”

Carson said that Jacquie Lee will be performing next, after the break. She’ll be singing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holliday, as sung by Jennifer Hudson in “Dream Girls.”

“To close out tonight, Christina chose a big, loud song for Jacquie Lee,” Carson said.

Christina: “I adore her. She’s like my little sister.”

Jacquie Lee: “This is the first time Christina has had someone in the Final Three. I’m so proud to be the one.”

Christina: “This is her moment to shine.”

Jacquie Lee sang the BEJESUS out of this song, wailing on it with her power vocals. She just about brought the roof of the building down. She even got down onto her knees to sing a part of it. It was UBER AMAZING, and the audience gave her a standing ovation.

Christina: “WOW! Jacquie! Oh, my God! I am completely speechless. The amount of talent you have in that little 16-year-old body is just amazing! You have what it akes, and I want to see you get to that next level. You proved it to yourself and the rest of the world that Jacquie Lee is a force to be reckoned with.”

Blake: “To see your evolution on this show, that was amazing. Congratulations, man.”

Carson: “Now is your time, America, to make one of these three’s dreams come true.”

That concluded tonight’s episode of The Voice. We saw some INCREDIBLE performances in this episode, and tomorrow, we will learn the fates of these three, and which one is the ultimate winner of The Voice.

Who is YOUR choice, America? Who do you think was the best of these Top Three competitors tonight? Please comment below about which competitor you think will win, and why, and then tune in tomorrow night to watch the final episode of The Voice for this season, and then come back here to check out my recap/review!

Written by: Douglas Cobb