Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings Announce Changes [VIDEO]

Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns Announce Head Coach ChangesThe NFL season has come to an end, along with the roles of three coaches so far, including Mike Shanahan from the Washington Redskins. Speculations came as early as Dec. 29, but there were no confirmations. So far, the Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns have announced their changes to their head coaches.

The first announcement came from the Cleveland Browns, who decided it was time to let Rob Chudzinski go. The decision was not made lightly, but spokespersons for the team announced that it was due to taking a “step backwards” during the second half of the football season. The team needs development, progress and improvement, and that requires a change in head coach.

There are many players who are angry at this firing. It has also infuriated fans and other coaches and general managers in the NFL. This was not one of the speculated firings, and Chudzinski was only in his first year on the job.

The second announcement, shortly after the Browns, came from the Minnesota Vikings. The reason for letting Leslie Frazier go was due to inconsistent success. Rick Spielman, the team’s General Manager, stated that a change in coach would hopefully help build a more successful team in the future.

The Washington Redskins have been the third and most recent announcement. The team made an announcement over Twitter, simply stating that their head coach would not be returning. Shortly afterwards, Shanahan made a public appearance wishing the team his best. He started his short press conference thanking the fans, who stood by the team for the last four years during his tenure. A video of his public announcement is included below.

The announcement of changes to the head coaches for the Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings, and Cleveland Browns comes the day after speculations over those in the firing line. Frazier and Shanahan were both speculated to lose their jobs after the way they handled the Vikings and Redskins respectively.

Shanahan was criticized for the way he handled Robert Griffin III, the team’s quarterback, while Frazier was criticized for the poor performance after the team made the Super Bowl playoffs the year before.

There are still no confirmations from other teams, but Detroit Lions’ head coach, Jim Schwartz, is expected to leave. The Lions failed to make the Super Bowl playoffs this year after facing defeat against the Vikings. Ian Rapoport had already announced on December 16 that Schwartz was likely to go if that happened. The deciding factor for the team will be his contract.

Good news for the Raiders’ coach, Dennis Allen, is that he is most likely going to stay. Owner of the team, Mark Davis, made it clear that he was looking to keep Allen and General Manager Reggie McKenzie on for the 2014 season. Veterans have complained about the quick changes if a coach fails to pleases just once, and one veteran likened the situation to finding new girlfriends.

There is still time for more teams to announce their decisions over their head coaches. The Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns are not the only likely announcements of changes to head coaches this NFL season.

By Alexandria Ingham

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