Wii U Showing up in Southwest Airports

Wii U Showing Up in Southwest Airports

The Wii U is now being found in Southwest Airlines airport gaming kiosks across the country, but just until Christmas. The airline and the video game hulk Nintendo have joined together to help aid passengers fight boredom this holiday season. They have created Wii U gaming rooms near high traffic areas of concourses at six different United States cities.

The airports are located in Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago Midway and Tampa Bay.

These were chosen because they are among some of the most hectic places for holiday travelers and Southwest Airlines wants to be sure travelers are having a little bit of enjoyment while spending time at the airport, stated a spokesperson for the airlines.

The game kiosks are free to use and numerous both popular and new games such as Super Mario 3-D World and other titles. There is room for up to four people can play at each kiosk at one time. There are numerous kiosks set up in every airport gaming area.

The lounges are open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., and each one has it own attendants in order to help the players with any questions they might have and also to answer any questions.

Because these provide free entertainment, travelers will have to keep extra track of their flight boarding times because the games do not have any time limits when someone starts playing.

The Wii U consoles began showing up in Southwest Airports just before the major Thanksgiving holiday traveling weekend. They are planned to be there until after Dec. 22nd.

Southwest and Nintendo kicked off the promotion in a big way. On Nov. 26th over 100 passengers that happened to be on flight 1883 that was traveling from New Orleans to Dallas lucked out and received a Wii U console.  Mario himself showed up to pass out the game systems to everyone on the plane.

All the travelers who missed out on that certain flight might still be able to obtain extra rewards from the Nintendo and Southwest partnership. There is a sweepstakes which is going on until Dec. 25 that will give out 30 prizes. Each of them consists of two round-trip tickets on the airlines and also a Wii U Gaming system.

While these promotions are scheduled to end on Christmas, there are many other airports in which video game play is something that is offered all year round. At the Changi Airport in Singapore, it has a free game room where there is an Xbox Kinect area and another part offers play from the Xbox 360 and also various PlayStation systems.

The Wii U console was released to the public on Nov. 18, 2012, and has only received mixed reviews. The system’s most exceptional feature is a touchscreen controller known as Game Pad. It has been praised for its functionality, but also condemned because of its low battery life. Because of having both hits and misses, the Nintendo console has also been criticized for its erratic release of games that are considered actually good.

So this new Nintendo-Southwest advertising campaign arrives just as the fight between all gaming consoles is really heating up. Both Sony and Microsoft have released their new systems just in time for the holidays. They both sold over 1 million units on each of their weekend releases.

Will Southwest end up helping Nintendo sell more Wii U’s by doing such a cross promotion? Only time will tell, but until then, if anyone is flying Southwest, enjoy playing Super Mario while waiting in the airport.

By Kimberly Ruble

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