Wright Brothers First in Flight 110 Years Ago, or Were They?

Wright Brothers First in Flight 110 Years Ago, Or Were TheyThe Wright brothers were two siblings from Ohio named Wilbur and Orville who took the very first real, controlled, manned, heavier-than- actual air flight 110 years ago on December 17, 1903. Their flight was on the real first airplane, and the flight took off from the ground at 10:35 a.m. Orville was on board as the pilot. He kept the plane in the air for 12 seconds and went over 120 feet. The brothers had named their plane the Flyer and they were above the cool, sandy grounds of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

When one looks back on history, were the two Wright brothers always slated to head for the skies? There is a supposedly true story that their father presented them with a flying type toy which was propelled by a rubber band when they each were still children. It was made from bamboo and cork and had a body made of paper.

In 1899, Wilber, age 33 and Orville, age 28, had started to learn everything they possibly were able to about the science of aeronautics. They also studied up on the history of struggled human flight. The first airplanes they created were gliders, and they tested them on the long, secluded beaches located at Kitty Hawk. By the year 1902, they had produced a glider which could be both controlled and also manned by a human pilot at the same time. They took it up and broke a world record when it glided over 600 feet.

The first aircraft that they built received power from a 12-horsepower engine, had a wingspan of 40 feet and weighed over 750 pounds.

Their very first flight would be in December of 1903. It started the beginning of a brand new age of global travel and an amazing modern industry never dreamed of before in the annals of time.  Yesterday was the 110th celebration of that first flight of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

However, by the time they were able to receive their patent for their aircraft in 1906, numerous other aviators had jumped on the bandwagon and stated they had been the actual first ones to fly over the Wright brothers and that they should own the right to the brothers method of rotating the airplane by twisting around the wings. This part of the project was allowed to be included in the Wrights’ patent. The other patents were turned down and refused, being sent back to all of their respective aviation owners.

Yet in 2013, another tale came to the general public’s knowledge about a possible aviator named Gustave Whitehead. He was said to have possibly had a first flight which allegedly beat the two Wright brothers flight by at least 24 months. But up to this point in time, that story has yet to be fully believed or even supported. It also is refused by most scholars of aviation study.

The Wright brothers had the first airplane and the first plane ride, 110 years ago, for 12 seconds covering 120 feet at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903.

By Kimberly Ruble


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