Xbox One Available at Toys R Us Sunday

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Been waiting anxiously to purchase the Xbox One? Toys R Us stores across the country will be waiting for customers to hit their doors upon opening. Speaking to a local employee, they have stated the consoles will be available online as well for purchase. Supplies will be limited and customers will be able to only purchase one per transaction.

Right now, Toys R Us has not released the amount of units included in the shipments, but it is highly suggested to purchase one as soon as possible. During its initial launch date late November, over 1 million units were sold. At this point, Microsoft is making them on demand and the units in production basically have sold signs on them.

Customers have been stalking Amazon and other sites like eBay for the Xbox One, neither of the market places list specific dates of release. With the Xbox One shipment to arrive at Toys R Us Sunday, customers can now plan a trip to pick up a device. Stores are expecting their phones to be slammed, so it may be worth an early morning jaunt to the closest location or cyber stalking the site for a device.

Gamers are excited to play the game as thousands more get ready to wrap the console for placement under the Christmas tree. In addition to the release of the Xbox One console, dozens of games have been released for the console.  Some of the more popular games to be sold alongside the Xbox One include; Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct and the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game.

Priced at $499 at the retail level, consumers are hitting eBay to pay at times, double with games for the device. There are consoles of the Day one Edition 500GB option for up to $10,000. Believe it or not, one Xbox One game sold for $11,300 but don’t fear greed. The device was sold for donation and 100 percent of the profits were donated to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Typically, the newest consoles fall into sold out arenas. During the launch of Xbox 360 and PS3, people camped out for the consoles for days and reports of people paying big bucks came to surface. The release of the Xbox One and PS4 was more calm but remained steady until both Playstation and Microsoft have reported sold out inventories. Just recently, it was reported the PS4 had outsold the Xbox One on eBay. That doesn’t seem to slow the speed of the Xbox One demands.

The Xbox One Day One consoles are selling like hotcakes, for very high prices, but reviewers state there is nothing spectacular to attach to the price. Unless someone has say a comfortable $10,000 lying around, it may be best to wake up a few hours earlier than expected for a lazy Sunday and go hit Toys R Us.

Shipments will be limited, both online and in the stores. Check online first and if sold out, be sure to get ready to bundle up and head out when the local Toys R Us store opens with a  renewed Xbox One shipment. Please take caution and practice common sense when it comes to shipment demands, employees will not be “hiding” any inventory in the back – all consoles will be placed on the sales floor. Happy shopping!


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