Yemen Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 30 People Including Four Foreign Doctors

YemenAn explosion at the Defense Ministry in Yemen is being called an attack by sources close tot he explosion. The attack has killed at the least 30 people according to an official who works at the Defense Ministry, including four foreign doctors.

All morning reports have been fluctuating on the exact damage of this blast. Initial reports could only declare two deaths while speculating that at least 30 more were wounded. Over the next few hours the death toll was supposed to be anywhere from eight to twenty. Now sources are saying that it is worse than initially expected and that there have been at least 30 casualties. It is expected that most of the deceased were soldiers or militants, but there has also been confirmation that four foreign doctors perished in the attack.

The attack was conspired by militants who hit the Defense Ministry building with a vehicle that was filled with explosives. Apparently a gunmen than entered the building and began shooting security forces inside the office.

The blast was so powerful that it did cause damage to nearby buildings and other structures.

The attack has raised international concern over al Qaeda’s growing “creativity.” British officials said Wednesday that they are growing more and more weary of al Qaeda’s determination to construct bombs that are harder to detect by security equipment.

There is no news just yet who the four foreign doctors were but it is speculated that at least two of them were Filipino and another was Venezuelan. There are also reports of three Yemen doctors who perished along with five of their patients.

Inside of the ministry lies a hospital complex which is where the doctors and patients were during the blast.

There have already been unconfirmed reports of savage brutality perpetrated by the gunmen after entering the Ministry, including shooting hospital staff dead in front of their coworkers.

The gunmen apparently entered by another vehicle that followed the vehicle full of explosives and entered after the explosion.

A report from inside the Ministry of Defense said that although the gunmen occupied the building after the explosion security personnel regained control shortly thereafter.

Yemen is believed to be the most dangerous region for al Qaeda sectors in the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen has been the unfortunate victim of poverty, a separatist movement and has been full of violence in recent months.

The attack is apparently the next incident in a long list of hit and run targets on military affiliated personnel, although this one was much more momentous, largely due to the gunmen who stormed the ministry after the explosion.

Apparently, state news crews have been showing gory images of victims from the explosion and is currently appealing for blood donations to help save the wounded. With this kind of outreach it is an unfortunate likelihood that we could see the death toll grow by the end of the day.

These attacks are a part of a difficult political transition that Yemen has been working through lately. They ousted Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2012 after he had ruled for 33 years and since then have not found an appropriate transition. This explosion in Yemen that has already taken the lives of thirty people, including those of four foreign doctors, is sure to spark increased tension.

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