Adele Honored by Prince Charles

Adele Honored by Prince Charles

British songstress, Adele, was recently honored by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.  She received the prestigious MBE award and now can add the letters to her full name.  MBE stands for Member of the Order of the British Empire and could be likened to receiving a Kennedy Center Honor.  The talented, Grammy winning beauty was stunning in a midnight blue knee length gown and manicured blue nails with little crowns.  She was chosen for her contribution and services to the music industry.

Prince Charles bestowed the honor as Adele was delighted and in very high spirits.  She was so excited and honored, she could not contain her laughter as she gushed with appreciation.  The 25 year old humbly accepted the MBE along with several others including author Joanne Harris, broadcaster Aled Jones and singer-songwriter P.J. Harvey.  Adele is used to winning awards, but this magnificent affair was quite different with the pomp and circumstance of dignitaries.

Adele has not been seen out and about as much, as she keeps busy tending to her one year old son, Angelo.  She clearly is enjoying being a mother and parenting her little one with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki.  Adele’s savings in the bank can easily allow her not to work for awhile, as she has accumulated the fruits of her labor in the music business.

Getting her start from a music demo posted on MySpace in 2006, Adele has risen to fame in just a few short years.  Her original tunes can be heard worldwide on the radio, at parties, performed by marching bands and Jamaican steel drum troupes.  Her songs have undeniable rhythm and a beat one easily can get hooked on.  She tells a story in a way others can relate to and the music she has written is refreshing and new.

While recovering from throat surgery in the fall of 2011, Adele took time off from her usual concert schedule and rested up her voice.  She came back strong as ever and went on to win six Grammy awards in 2012.  The MBE is the most outstanding honor of all, as she is much deserving for her unique talents.  Named top artist of the year by Billboard in 2011, Adele credits the encouragement she received from her mother at a young age.

Singing is Adele’s forte, although her acting skills could be needed as Downton Abbey gets underway in its fourth season.  Maybe a possibility?  Adele is also rumored to be a pick for the upcoming film The Secret Service, but already has a movie credit under her belt with her song Skyfall.  She won an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for the theme song from the 2012 James Bond thriller, by the same title.  Some of Adele’s other top hits include 21, Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You.  She probably has composed some special lullabies for baby Angelo and Simon along the way, as well.

Stormy weather has been raining down on England with floods and damage in recent days.  It has been reported that Adele’s home on Millionaire Row on the Western Esplanade may be in jeopardy from heavy winds and crashing waves.  As long as she stays safe and warm with her family, trophies, wigs and mascara, Adele will keep singing the tunes of love and life.  Miss Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE has a lot to be thankful for.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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