American Idol Auditions #4 January 23 (Review)

American Idol Auditions #4 January 23 (Review & Videos)

American Idol Auditions #4 is the fourth night of season 13, and the auditions are still ongoing! Though tonight’s show is just an hour long, there’s sure to be lost of great musical performances, as contestants strive to be given a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, where they can continue their dreams to try to become the next American Idol!

When American Idol opens, we see Connie Seacrest, Ryan Seacrest’s mom, waking him up. Ryan is, of course, the host of American Idol. The show is in Atlanta tonight, searching for talent to appear in the show and audition and try to get to the next level — Hollywood.

Majesty Rose, 21, is the first one to try out. She’s a pre-school teacher and she sings the ColdPlay song “Violet Hill.” Majesty has a beautiful, melodic voice, and accompanies herself on her guitar. She is AMAZING! I looked on YouTube for videos of tonight’s performances, and I unfortunately struck out.

J-Lo said “it was really beautiful! It was effortless!”

Keith: “You really pulled me in!” The judges each gave Majesty “yes” votes, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Jesse Cline is up next. He’s a fast food worker, who says he has a big and powerful voice. He drove 8 hours to get there from Tennessee. He sings “Washed by the Water” by NEEDTOBREATHE. Jessie also had a brilliant voice.

Harry Connick, Jr., called him a “believable” singer. Keith said that he knew within “nanoseconds” that Jessie had what it takes — the judges give him three “yes” votes, also, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Alyson Ragona is the third person up. She sings a Queen song, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but doesn’t get voted to move on.

Then, Chris Medina sings the Adele tune, “Chasing Pavements,” and he sounds “believable” to the judges. The guy brought his dog with him! The judges give him three “yes” votes, and Chris gets to head to Hollywood!

The next person to audition on American Idol is Kristen O-Connor, 24. She’s a nurse. We also see Eloise Piriz, 17, auditioning with the song “Mama Knows Best” by Jessie J. She has a great voice, too. Harry, Keith, and Jennifer Lopez give them both “yes” votes.

Ben Briley, 24, from Tennessee sings “Arms of a Woman,” by Amos Lee. He has a gospel-ish, Country Western voice and vibe — in short, he has an excellent voice.

Keith: “If you sang a capella on the radio and I was driving, I’d have to pull over, or I might crash my car.” They give this kick-ass singer three “yes” votes.

His voice reminded me somewhat o the singing from Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou, a truly AMAZING flick. If you haven’t yet seen it, see it at your first opportunity. He gets three “yes” votes, and gets to move on in the competition to Hollywood!

Nica Nashae is next. She sings “Natural Woman.” She has a rich, powerful voice, and easily earns three “yes” votes.

Jordan Brisbane, a 15-year-old from Savannah, Georgia, is a cook. He sings the Bruno Mars song, “Dancing With Another Man.” He has a pretty great voice, Keith says he has “raw talent.” Harry says he should be in the movies. He gets three “yes” votes from the judges, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Atlanta, Georgia, we learn, is Ryan’s home town. Phillip Phillips, a past contestant/winner for American Idol, is also from Atlanta.

Sam Burchfield, 21, sings “I Wanna be Like You” from The Jungle Book. He plays the guitar as he sings. He is TERRIFIC! he even makes the trumpet sound with his mouth!

Keith really loved his voice; J-Lo also liked his voice; but, Harry Connick said “no.” Still, he received two “yes” votes, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Jessica Meuse from Slapout, Alabama, sings next on American Idol. She sings her own song, “Blue-Eyed Lie.” She WAILS on it, and KICKETH some ROYAL BUTTOCKS, as they might have said in King Arthur’s day.

Harry: “You just come to bring it.”

Keith: “There’s a way you play that’s really cool. I really like you a lot.” She gets three “yes” votes, and a Golden Ticket to Hollywood!

Then, Ryan shows a brief video of a guy, Jerod Cotton, singing and asks if the dude got the votes to move on or not. I am dubious about this one — I’ll say “no,” though I might be wrong. I was right, though.

Then, we got to see Travis Hunter Brown sing and play the guitar. J-Lo says she “loves that song” though Travis doesn’t do that well, and doesn’t move on.

After that, Lauren Ogburn, 19, sings “Fancy” by Reba McIntyre.She has a pretty TERRIFIC voice, IMHO, though she sings the song kind of rapidly.

J-Lo: “I got goosies on that one!” The judges give her three “yes” votes — and Lauren moves on to Hollywood!

We then saw a few people who had previously auditioned on American Idol, but didn’t get the votes needed to move on.

Then, Caleb Johnson sings and he gets three “yes” votes. We see a medley of singers, like Neco Starr, who move on.

Then, Bria Anai, 15, sings “One and Only” by Adele. She has some pretty powerful pipes, and a great vocal range, and she’s the final singer of this episode.

Keith: “I love the way you sing!”

J-Lo: I really loved it! It was AMAZING!”

24 people from the Atlanta auditions of American Idol got to move on, bringing the total to 163 Golden Tickets. Next week, they’ll move on to Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City, if I heard Ryan correctly.

There were some fantastic performances tonight on American Idol, such as Majesty Rose singing “Violet Hill,” and Ben Briley singing “Another Man’s Woman.” Though American Idol was just an hour tonight, I really liked it, and the show moved along at a pretty brisk pace. Please leave any comments below, and check out my recap review of American Idol next week.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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