Anderson Silva Wants Roy Jones Jr. Then UFC Return

Anderson Silva

While answering a few questions from his Facebook fans, Anderson Silva stated that he would like to have a boxing match with Roy Jones Jr. first, then make his return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Anderson made it clear that it may take a long time for him to make his anticipated return to the octagon, hoping a boxing match will do until he is ready for the UFC. It has always been on Anderson’s mind, and one of his goals, to have a boxing match with his life long idol, Roy Jones Jr.

Silva just had surgery recently to repair his broken leg suffered during his loss to Chris Weidman. Every opportunity Silva has had to make a statement or give a report, he has made some pretty substantial comments. Just last week, the former UFC middleweight champion claimed Chris Weidman should not consider their latest contest a win, due to the freak nature of how the match ended. Arguing it was not a technique that finished the fight, nor was the knee check a proper finish to the battle they were having. Weidman’s camp has called for a stop to the claims, hoping Anderson would not keep on going with his comments. The have stated that he is further diminishing his legacy by persisting.

Silva has been contemplating a boxing match with Roy Jones for years now, and Jones has supported the notion as well. Roy Jones Jr. may be in the twilight of his career, however. In Roy’s last 15 fights, he is a mediocre 8-7, but may be finding a resurgence to his career of late by winning three in a row. The 44-year-old boxer is a big fan of Anderson, and would love to fight Silva just as much as Silva wants to fight him; maybe more. It is possible that it could happen before the UFC legend makes his return to the UFC. Roy Jones Jr. has yet to comment on the recent proclamations Anderson has made, however.

Many feared the end had come to Anderson Silva’s famed UFC career after breaking his leg in his last fight. Dana White announced it could be as soon as 6 months for Anderson Silva to start training once again. Silva has been quiet on his timetable of return, but has not been quiet about past results or future plans. The UFC star has gone on and said in his Facebook interview that he would like to become a Hollywood actor. Silva’s family would love to see him hang up the UFC and boxing gloves all together and retire, but Anderson feels that decision needs to come from the heart, and he is not ready to give up. There are many future plans he wants to accomplish but his leg healing is his first and main concern before anything else. Whether if it’s a rematch with Chris Weidman, becoming a Hollywood star, or fighting the legendary Roy Jones Jr.; Anderson has many goals and aspirations ahead beyond his injury. First, Anderson Silva wants Roy Jones Jr., second he intends to take back over the UFC universe in the middleweight division. Fans are waiting to watch him as he attempts to do just that.

by Justin Huffman

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