Apocalypse Here and Now?

ApocalypseHas mankind finally regressed beyond the point of recovering — in the process of ushering in the Apocalypse, here and now?

India is in the news once again for what seems to be its prime headlines: Gang Rape. In the village of Subalpur, a man from a neighboring village came to propose marriage to a woman. But before he could reach her, both were caught and tied to a tree to await judgment from the village elders. The infraction? Being of a different religious persuasion. The families of both were ordered to pay a fine. His family did. Hers did not—could not. They were too poor.

So, what did the village elders order as punishment? The woman was raped by more men than she could remember and so brutalized she had to be hospitalized. Twelve suspects as well as the head of the council were arrested by India police. For villages such as this, it seems to be the established norm to punish women in this manner. Once, a woman was paraded naked through the village for falling in love with a man from a different caste.

The many high-profile gang rapes that have come to the international eye, are only the tip of the iceberg for the institutionalized violence against women in India. In such an environment, it’s a wonder love even has a chance to take root anywhere. However, the sexual violence is not just confined to native women of India. A Danish tourist was gang raped near a shopping mall; she had to be rushed to the hospital with an IV in her arm.

Seriously? Humanity calls itself enlightened and advanced; having bootstrapped itself up from the Stone Age over the centuries. Yet this kind of savagery still exists. Slivers of technology float around in the vastness of our local space and on neighboring planets, collating scientific data. While down here on earth, this kind of reprehensible behavior still continues. Perhaps that technology will bare witness mankind’s apocalypse, here and now.

However, as heinous as gang rape and the general brutality towards women is, it is not the only self-destructive ” apocalypse” styled behavior mankind is exhibiting across the world. It has been said that more killing has been done “in the name of God” throughout human history, than from all other motives combined. It seems that axiom holds true to this day. Stand just about anywhere in the Middle East or Africa,  then throw a rock in any direction. Nine out of ten times, you will hit somebody putting lead in the air at somebody else. Primarily because one’s belief in God is different from the other’s. Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration—but not by much.

Even when the commonplace motive of disparaging beliefs in God is removed, there still remains pure naked aggression: The need to hold onto power over others. What started the Syrian crisis? The Assad government had fired on unarmed demonstrators against its rule so often, that the the people were eventually forced to take up arms. Even Russia is plagued by terrorism from “separatists” wanting to form their own country. Terrorism threatens to cast a shadow over the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

At the top of humanity’s food chain, two superpowers seem destined for armed conflict over slights major and minor, current and past. Wouldn’t that just make a mess of things, in the modern world? Forget disasters such as global warming, falling asteroids, massive earthquakes or another ice age wiping out mankind. Here and now, humanity is fast proving to be its own extinction level, apocalypse event.

Editorial by Lee Birdine

The Washington Post
Time World

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