Ariana Grande Pleads Compassion for Justin Bieber

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Ariana Grande pleads compassion for a troubled Justin Bieber. Grande, 20, told listeners tuned in to 104.1 in Boston that the situation with Bieber has gotten out of control. She was addressing Bieber’s recent DUI arrest. Her comments  speak to the range of questionable behavior and actions that Bieber has displayed.

Grande and Bieber are good friends. She finds that people are showing extreme insensitivity to a person going through serious challenges. Grande views the critical remarks and misplaced humor by people commenting on his mug shot as “ignorant.”

Using her position as a friend and a person who spends considerable time on tour with Bieber as the opening act, she knows more about him than fans.

With words that one might expect from concerned and seasoned adults, Grande expresses her take. She feels that  Bieber has some serious issues going on and that it is more than a kid messing around. Grande is concerned as she pleads compassion for Bieber. She wants him to be okay emotionally and physically.

Female friends of Bieber have had his back this week as he continues to act out. Both Grande and Selena Gomez have made public comments stressing that no matter what has happened between them in the past, they want him to be okay.

This may be a case-in-point for girls maturing emotionally faster than their male counterparts. It can also be viewed as friends looking out for friends. It should be obvious to Bieber that he has people who care about him.

Before speaking on air at 104.1  Grande sounded off in universal terms grounded in a bit of Buddhist philosophy.  She posted two tweets in support of her friend. Calling for tolerance and compassion and suggesting that people be less judgmental when others are down.

The second tweet called again for compassion when people are under pressure. Grande reminded Twitter followers that everyone is human and carries pressures in life.

There were no romantic tones to her verbal comments or her tweets. What she is doing is displaying selflessness; there are not too many people coming forward in support of Bieber.

Most are looking at his antics and wondering when and how things will turn out. Bieber still has not gotten the message that he needs to have a seat or even two, to get his head together. He is young and seems left to his own devices to figure things out. There are people claiming to be on his team that are not very vocal about what is needed  to get Bieber to a space where he can get the help he needs.

Grande is a friend that makes a bad day better because she is not going  to throw a friend to the wolves. There are those who may be critical of her stance, but she seems grounded and able to make up her own mind about how she feels.

Describing Bieber as “highly visible and extremely isolated” she wants the best for her friend. It is good to know that he has people in his corner because when he hits the ground, it is going to hurt. It appears Bieber may be fighting inner turmoil. Money and fame do not exclude anyone from having to deal with real issues at some point. Grande is a young woman with a good heart and she pleads compassion for Bieber.

By C. Imani Williams

Daily Mail 

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