Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Marrying for the Second Time

Ashlee Simpson-WentzAshlee Simpson-Wentz will be getting married for the second time, and this time to Evan Ross. Ross is the son of legendary singer Diana Ross. This will be his first marriage.

Simpson-Wentz married Fall Out Boy member, Pete Wentz in May 2008. It all seemed perfect in front of the cameras for a long time, but things weren’t happy at home. Wentz was suffering from the addiction of prescription drugs which started before the birth of his and Simpson-Wentz’s son, Bronx later in 2008. He suffered from anxiety and insomnia when he started taking Klonopin and Xanax.

The real problems started in 2009, though. Fall Out Boy decided to go on a hiatus indefinitely. For this there was no light at the end of the tunnel and nothing for him to do except “hang out all day” at home.

Rumors spread about the reason for their divorce involving Simpson-Wentz’s alcoholic abuse problems. However, Wentz took some of the blame by admitting about his addiction to prescription drugs. It wasn’t until after the divorce that he stopped lying to himself and those around him that there was a problem and he needed help. He did say that his son was partially the reason for seeking help.

Wentz never wanted the divorce to happen, which was in the beginning stages just two years after their wedding. Simpson-Wentz filed the papers stating that there were irreconcilable differences. She wanted primary physical and joint legal custody with visitation rights allowed for the father of their child. Their divorce was finalized in 2011.

The split has led the way for Simpson-Wentz to marry for the second time. The pair posted on Twitter to announce their engagement, sharing a photo of them together. Their relationship went public in July 2013, and they have since been spotted together at a Diana Ross concert in August and Simpson-Wentz’s mother’s birthday party in October.

Ross spoke to People Magazine in November about his relationship with Simpson-Wentz. While they hadn’t been together for very long, they had been friends beforehand. He said that their relationship had grown very naturally and that she was “the one.”

Ross has been on the screens of many around the world due to his recurring role in 90210. He is currently filming his parts in the final films in The Hunger Games series, The Mockingjay parts 1 and 2.

Simpson-Wentz started as a backing dancer for singer and sister Jessica Simpson. She then released her own albums and starred in a range of movies and TV shows.

For those wondering about the 5-year-old Bronx Mowgli, he and Ross get on very well. The three of them were spotted back in August with Bronx holding hands with his mother and step-father-to-be.

The couple seems to be deeply in love. Ross tweeted in excitement that the “love of his life” had said yes to his proposal. Simpson-Wentz added a pun that she would be marrying for the second time to her “baby love,” a play on Diana Ross’ hit single Baby Love.

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