Bachelor Star Juan Pablo Galavis Flubs Facebook Apology to Gays

Bachelor Star Juan Pablo GalavisThe Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis flubs his Facebook apology to gays. He doesn’t dislike gays; he just feels they are perverse. Kind of harsh. He also doesn’t want them on his show. Is it a star thing? Galavis is a handsome guy, no doubt about it. He played Venezuelan football and loves women.  His comments seem way off base for someone in the entertainment business, in the 21st century.

Galavis seems to teeter between making politically correct statements that show his humane and compassionate side and entering dark murky waters that make him seem homophobic. Can the behavior be explained away by reality show hype?

When asked to share his feelings on same-sex couples having children, Galavis responded, “It would be hard for me to say that I support gay parents having kids.” At the same time, he said he has respect for gay men and women and their right to happiness.

In his defense, he wasn’t queried on his feelings about straight couples who want to have kids. It may be he simply isn’t a lover of small tykes,with the exception of his daughter. It’s hard to get a real take on a person when they talk from both sides of their mouth.

With the fight for same-sex couples to marry remaining a hot topic in the U.S., there may be more than a few fans of The Bachelor who want to see a same-sex season on the roster.  Galavis doesn’t think it should happen.

Juan Pablo Galavis, the wife-seeking Bachelor star, flubs his Facebook apology to gays. Unlike his slurs, this bears repeating. In an interview with The Star, he said, “It would be too awkward to shoot scenes with a same-sex couple hanging out on the bed with their kids.” He doubts that a same-sex couple will ever happen on the show. He didn’t say ratings would drop, or everyone would turn gay, but he feels some kind of way about gay people, and “happy” doesn’t come to mind. He will have to wait and see if his comments cause his fanbase to drop, some of which are very possibly men.

But the clock may be running out on Galavis’s popularity. The Facebook apology was as awkward as his interview remarks. His apology was, “Sorry if I offended anyone. English isn’t my first language.” His second apology was just as awkward. He came back with, “No offense to gays, but they are more affectionate and super intense.”

ABC executive producers and Warner Horizon Television quickly jumped in. Their statement was to reassure viewers that they found Galavis’s remarks insensitive, and that his words in no way represented the opinions of the producers. There is no word from show producers on whether they are adding a gay or bisexual star yet. Their disclaimer put the onus of very hurtful statements back on Galavis.

Galavis did share, however, that being on the show has been stressful (viewers can assume, even without gay or bisexual men), running scripted lines. He would not do another Bachelor show again.

A head’s up for Mr. Juan Pablo Galavis, Bachelor star who flubs his Facebook apology to gays, who does not come off as sincere. Fans, GLADD, co-workers, peers and even the wife he seeks may look at him differently. Words carry weight and repeated flubs are not a good look for Galavis. But maybe the fans will be forgiving.

By C. Imani Williams


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