Beijing Replicates Rising Sun as the World Warned Against Twin El Niño Fury


Chinese are masters in replicating anything and Beijing just outdid itself, ironically to the benefit of its citizens. With blinding smog conditions covering Beijing, a LED screen placed in Tiananmen Square beamed images of a rising sun to the citizens. An indication of the choking pollution levels, this news streams in as the world is warned against imminent fury of twin “El Niño” from the resulting global warning.

A diverse team of scientists and researchers from ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science (CoECSS), the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and CSIRO announced the findings of their research. The directive from the team is pretty straightforward in its warning that the world must brace for extreme El Niño events from this day onwards for the next 100 years.

With a prediction of one devastating El Niño event every 10 years which is horrific at double of the current frequency of an event every 20 years, the countries around the globe has been requested to prepare well ahead with their disaster management systems to effective and timely actions.

An extreme El Niño effect should not be confused with a standard El Niño. Extreme El Niño usually result in radical weather conditions which could have a devastating effect on areas it strikes. Debilitating floods, annihilating droughts, unchecked wild fires and food shortages are the outcome of Extreme El Niño.

The warning is not without reason and the ill effects of the rising global warning have been well documented and known for ages all together. The coincidence of the two news of Beijing smog and the release of the research report could not have come together at a better time.

The rising sun beaming on giant LED screen in smog covered Beijing has now become a symbol of what the world has in store for itself and that the warning of the twin El Niño and its fury should no longer just remain on paper.

Critics may want to point out that the LED screen could be just showing several advertisements to the onlookers and is not trying to serve any higher environmental interests. However, the fact that the is now trending at all major networks is proof enough that it has grabbed everyone’s imagination and concern for the state of the environment.

Indulging further on El Niño, it should be remembered that no country is immune to the killer effects of an extreme El Nino. This fact is also indicated by Wenju Cai, lead research author from CSIRO. Cai said that when an extreme El Niño event occurred, nations like Australia and Indonesia endured droughts and wild fires. On the contrary, nations attached to Ecuador and northern Peru experienced the wrath of devastating effects of massive floods.

Some worrying statistics related to extreme El Niño –

  • Approximately 23,000 fatalities were reported in the 1997 extreme El Niño events
  • Global rainfall patterns were re-constructed in the last two Extreme El Niño events from 1982-83 and 1997-98
  • The 1997-98 event resulted in an estimated loss of $35 billion to $45 billion to the world economies

The warning from the researches may have luckily found its symbol in an unlikely Beijing event. However, It will not be long before such replicated screenings of rising sun will become a reality across the world including the U.S. Steps need to be taken on war footing today to fight rising pollution levels and mitigate the effects of the extreme El Niño warning sounded out by an eminent team of scientists.

By Daris Abraham

Huffington Post
The Guardian

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