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Bill Cosby Ready for Television?


Bill Cosby has announced he is ready for a possible comeback to television. The 76-year-old actor and comedian has made a deal with NBC to launch a TV series starring himself. Cosby’s greatest TV triumph began on The Cosby Show back in the 1980s, which ran for eight years. The deal brought Cosby together with a writing staff to create a script for the comedy. So far, reports state the show will be about a multigenerational household with Cosby starring as the patriarch of the family. Cosby and his former Cosby Show producer has been thinking of ideas for another family show for some time and Cosby hopes to have an opportunity to bring fun family comedy back to TV. Reportedly Cosby told Yahoo! TV that viewers would like to see a happy married couple that love each other, children respecting the parents and the humor of people who make mistakes.

Family TV Shows of Today

It is commendable for Cosby to consider returning to television, because most TV shows nowadays are stuffed with violence and sex. Cosby has made it known he is ready to return to television. It seems that society has become desensitized to what they are watching on TV; therefore, most do not see anything wrong with the content. For example the family show Pretty Little Liars centers around four teenage girls dealing with high school, blackmail and disturbing secrets. The show focused on Lucy Hale’s character Aria having a sexual and mature relationship with her adult male teacher Ezra. Other supposedly family TV shows such as Gossip Girl and The Secret Life of an American Teenager have been attacked by parent groups for exposing and glorifying drugs and illicit sex. The media has allowed questionable family shows to air on national television, which the majority only had a few seasons due to low ratings.

CosbyDespite the supposedly family-oriented content, most family shows publicized in the media still send negative messages and stereotypes to its audience. For example Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, For Better or Worse and House of Payne have been subjected to scrutiny since the TV shows first aired on TBS. While Perry has good intentions of depicting realistic family situations, each episode portrays impractical and exaggerated characters; thus taking away the humor. Meet the Browns‘ main character is Mr. Brown, a man in his mid 60’s who is a church deacon and the head of the household. The show is meant to be funny; hence the audience is supposed to laugh at his jokes. However, Mr. Brown wears outrageous outfits, does not pronounce words correctly and he is inadequate. The character is fabricated and sends an unfavorable message to the audience that all African-Americans are incompetent. Perry’s TV shows also stereotype African-American families in another way:  the distorted view of families always experiencing hardship, conflict and scandals. While most of the elements are realistic in most families in society, here again it is exaggerated to the point of seeming unbelievable and loses the comedic edge.

Family shows of this generation cannot compare to The Cosby Show. Though most of the character’s experienced family situations, Cosby made it believable and always added humor to every facet of the show. Most people may argue that The Cosby Show was introduced in the 80s, so of course it is different from family shows of today, which is true. However, Cosby never used profanity, exploited women nor introduced drugs in his episodes; yet, he still made people laugh and the show boosted ratings for NBC. Cosby is ready for a comeback to television to bring positive and uplifting comedy back to TV.

Editorial By Bridget Cunningham

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