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Good intentions for the future of American children are promoted by the scientist most people know as Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nye has recently promoted the aid to foreign countries and is debating the teaching of creationism in schools compared to science.

Nye growing up was a high school tutor, helping his fellow students through de-mystifying math. He was also into the space program which sparked his scientific interest. He attended Cornell University and earned his degree in mechanical engineering. For a few years he was the Vice President of the Planetary Society, and currently the society’s Executive Director. Throughout his career, he was a stand-up comedian by night, an author of five children’s books about science, and had invented a water magnifier and an abacus that can do arithmetic as well as a computer. Nye always wanted people to be scientifically literate and to appreciate the things in the world that make the world work.

One of Nye’s promotions conducted through good intentions was to encourage aid to diminish global poverty. People in America believe that charities and aid to third world countries have not done anything and nothing has changed. He discovered that this was wrong and decided to research the issue. Statistically child mortality has gone down over the last few decades. But people are convinced by the government that aid is provided, therefore people are less willing to help. Foreign aid spending is perceived by Americans that 25 percent of foreign aid comes from the American budget. If the budget for example was $1, then a quarter of that would go to foreign aid. Nye proved this to be a myth. He discovered that the actual amount that is provided was .8 percent of a penny, which if someone was to cut up a penny, .8 percent would be basically nothing. The perception of the majority of death is that it occurs through wars and natural disasters. He also proved this to be a myth. The true causes of deaths of children under five years old are from health problems. 11 percent of children die each year from non-communicable diseases which are cancers and illnesses that a child can inherit. 83 percent of children die each year from communicable preventable diseases. His mission is to prevent these diseases by addressing the preventable disaster through foreign aid.

Bill Nye understands that everyone has a right to believe in what they want to. It is a constitutional right to have an opinion, whatever that may be. That is why Nye wants to debate the involvement with creationism in schools. He believes that if schools are involving creationism, then they should allow other theories as well, such as how lightning bolts come from Zeus. But what he really wants to have schools involve is science. This will promote the skills of critical thinking to children. He wants children to love science like he did as a child, which could help encourage children to possibly think more scientifically. That may have a great effect on the future of America because more kids may want to be involved in science when they become an adult, therefor helping others understand how the world works. Bill Nye presents a good start by addressing his good intentions in his mission for helping the future of the world become better than how it is found today.

By Brittany Varner-Miller

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