Brock Lesnar Possibly Returning to UFC

Brock Lesnar

 It sounds like mega-star, Brock Lesnar, might possibly make a return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the future. Based on comments made by UFC president, Dana White, there still may be a chance that audiences will see the heavyweight back in action. After UFC Fight Night 35 concluded, White fielded a few questions. One of the questions he was asked was whether or not he still talks to the former champion, and if Brock has ever considered coming back to the octagon. He confessed that there was a definite possibility of that coming to pass.

Brock Lesnar won his debut for the UFC, and wound up getting an immediate title shot in 2008 against then-champion, Randy Couture. After he beat Couture for the title, he came down with diverticulitis, and took a year off to fight the illness. The following fight with Shane Carwin, he successfully defended his Heavyweight title with a submission in the second round. The following two fights, he lost his championship. He decided to retire after losing to Alistair Overeem, ending his UFC career at five wins and three losses.

According to White, Lesnar told him that he felt he could have done better, if it were not for his battle with a life-threatening illness during his time in the sport. He felt that the diverticulitis had cut his career short.  Brock, according to White, said that he felt like he was only able to fight at 40 percent of his full potential.  He reportedly has regrets about leaving and not fighting at a full 100 percent.

Brock Lesnar’s possibly returning may be good in the short run financially, for both the UFC and for himself, but there are loop-holes they both with have to figure out. One such loop-hole is that Lesnar is still contractually obligated to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) at the current time. It has been rumored that the WWE would be willing to negotiate for Brock’s services with the UFC, since Lesnar is on a pay-per-appearance deal, according to sources.  Reports also state that Brock is interested in working for both the UFC and WWE on a part-time basis, but will not make another run after the UFC Heavyweight title. He has indicated that he simply wants to take big-money fights when he has down time from the WWE.

Based  those speculations, and the fact that Brock Lesnar’s contract is ending in the near future, some skeptics believe he may just be using the UFC talk as a bargaining tool to get a bigger payday out of the WWE. They may have to take a different approach to agreements, as some are not in favor of the idea. Concerns have already been voiced that the UFC and the WWE already draw enough comparisons to each other, and encouraging further comparisons would not benefit either organization. Brock has been known to test the water quite a bit  when putting his talent on the market, gauging how far his pay-per-view pull can get him.  It is possible, however, that he actually does have that itch to come back and give it one more shot. As it seems that White is willing to at least discuss the notion of it happening, an approval from UFC President will certainly not be an obstacle. It appears that there will always be a possibility for Brock Lesnar to make a return to the UFC.

by Justin Huffman


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