Bronco Fans Are Ready for a Win

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Bronco fans were getting ready for a big win by tailgating early this year . Two days before the game marked the beginning of the celebration. This was the start of seeing fans camped out in front of Sports Authority Field in the orange and blue covered mile high city.

The entire city is buzzing with excitement. Everyone is wearing their Bronco colors with pride and enthusiasm. The level of fan appreciation is reminiscent of the Orange Crush days.

Will the fans be as noisy in the stands as they used to be back in those days? There were glimpses of it in the last game against the Chargers. The Broncos won that game with a 24 to 17 score. This gave them the opportunity to play for the AFC championship title.

The Broncos come into this game with the odds in Vegas in their favor. Many sportscasters are also favoring the Broncos to win. Ask any one of the many Denver Bronco fans and they will say that they are more than ready for a win.

The Broncos were established as a team in 1960. They used to play at Mile High Stadium. It was renamed Invesco Field at Mile High in 2001. In 2011, it switched once again and is now known as Sports Authority Field at Mile High. No matter what it is called, the fans will be there to show their loyalty to the Broncos.

The team is owned by Pat Bowlen. The General Manager is John Elway. It is hard not to think of John Elway whenever the subject of the Denver Broncos is brought up. The head coach for the Broncos is John Fox. Of course, Peyton Manning is their winning quarterback.

An impressive record is on the side of the Broncos as well. They have won two Super Bowl games. One game was in 1997 and the other in 1998. Their AFC West record consists of thirteen championship wins. They have had twenty NFL playoff showings.

The weather in Denver is sixty-degrees, the fans are out in force. The smell of barbeque and shouts of anticipated Bronco victory fill the Rocky Mountain air. This is a game that brings great hope to the fans. A win would give the Broncos a chance to once again play and win at the Super Bowl.

Every seat in the stadium is expected to be filled. The fans will be wild and excited to watch before, during the breaks in the game and after the win. The Barrel Guy will still be missed, but there are many other fans that have his spirit and excitement for the team.

The fans, as always, will do their part to show their loyalty and appreciation for the Broncos. Their loyalty to John Elway, Peyton Manning and the rest of the team is unquestionable. The Bronco fans are ready for a win. Every neighborhood in the city shows some sign of Bronco mania. The game will be underway and the fans will always retain their places in Bronco history. A win for the Broncos will have the city and its fans celebrating well into the rest of the year.

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