California Criminal Found Sleeping in Victim’s Bed


We’ve all heard of the film Dumb and Dumber, but we now have a real life candidate for one of the parts in the movie, as a criminal is found curled up, sleeping at the foot of his California victim’s bed.  The story could also be an extract from the famous fairytale, about the three bears (as in “who’s been sleeping in my bed”).  Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up and find a neighbor snoozing right by your feet?

The story is that the 20 year old man is now facing charges in Santa Ana, California after burglarizing his neighbor’s home, collecting a few items together, and then taking a nap in the house instead of making a swift getaway.

This all happened on Sunday, apparently, as the homeowner was snoozing comfortably next to his wife in their bedroom.  He awoke as he felt something touching against his leg, and was rather shocked to discover a third person in their bed.  A burglar was very comfortably curled up on the foot of their bed.

The owner of the house immediately recognized the intruder as their neighbor, Ruben Diego Ortega, who he has known in the area for some time.  Apparently he then chased Ortega out of the home, and it was only much later that he discovered that a Playstation and some cell phones were missing and apparently stolen by the intruder.

This was absolutely no problem to the unnamed homeowner.  At 8.00 a.m. that morning, he simply called the police, reported the theft (and, of course, the unexpected sleepover) and told them who did it, directing police officers to Ortega’s house, which is close to his home.

The homeowner’s stolen property was swiftly returned to him, still intact and undamaged, and sleepy Ortega was detained by the police for his crime.

On questioning Ortega, it was found that the crime was not, apparently, premeditated.  It was one of those “take a chance” moments.  Apparently Ortega happened to notice that the homeowner’s window was open that evening and took the initiative, seizing the opportunity to get inside the house to see what there was that he could steal.

However, unfortunately he then dozed off and this California would-be criminal was then founding sleeping on his victim’s bed.

Why he decided to join the homeowner and his wife in bed is not really known, although Ortega did say that he was in the process of crawling along to find a way out of the house when he dozed off.

According to members of his family, Ortega fell asleep because he was drunk.  His aunt, a Mrs. Vargas told the media that he did admit to going in there and falling asleep but that she thought the whole incident was a little strange.

Whatever the reason for his nap, the former “Sleeping Beauty” will no doubt pay for his snooze.

Ortega has, in the meantime, been arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the home (with no extra charge for the sleepover) and was then booked into the Santa Ana Police Department jail where he can sleep undisturbed.  He is apparently being held on $50,000 bail.

While it is warm in California right now, this is probably a good reminder that if you do have to keep your windows open at night, make sure that they are not accessible to the passing public. You might otherwise also end up being a victim and wake up to find a criminal sleeping on your bed.

By Anne Sewell


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