Carmelo Anthony: 62 Point Franchise Record Game

Carmelo Anthony: 62 Point Franchise Record GameIn recent sporting news, Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks scored a franchise high of sixty-two points. Anthony alone scored half of the New York Knicks 125 total points in their win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

This victory, lead by Anthony’s 62 point franchise record game, was a tremendous seized opportunity for the Knicks. Prior to the game, the Knicks were three games behind the Bobcats for the eight standing in the Eastern Conference, a position that would give the Knicks an opportunity at making this years playoffs. In addition, tonight’s blowout is an amazing feat in itself, as the Bobcats are ranked seventh in maintaining efficient defense.

Carmelo’s performance tonight is being described as: “one for the ages.” The extravagant record-setting basket came with just over seven minutes left in the final quarter, as “Melo” Anthony out-hustled two defensive Bobcats’ players to the basket. Furthermore, Carmelo’s 62 point franchise record game also set the record for present-day performances held at Madison Square Garden.

Anthony proved to be on a shooting-streak from the very beginning of the game. In the first quarter of the game alone Anthony scored twenty of his sixty-two points.  As Anthony maintained this momentum throughout the game he was able to ensure that he gave Knick fans in attendance at Madison Square Garden a performance they’ll never forget. Anthony then managed to finish the first half with an exclamatory mark, as he scored his 37th point with a half-court buzzer beater shot. Going into the final quarter it had already become rather obvious that the Knicks would secure the victory; however, attention was then drawn to “Melo” who was only six points shy of the franchise record high of 62 points.

When the final buzzer had sounded, the final score in favor of the Knicks was 125-96. Anthony finished the game making 23-35 of his attempted shots. In addition, Anthony made 6-11 of his attempted three-point field goals, 10-10 in free-throw attempts, and 13 rebounds in his record-setting performance. Also, in scoring 56 points in the first three-quarters Anthony was able to set another record by surpassing Kevin Durant’s previous record of 54 points.

Following the game Anthony commented on his performance during the MSG Network Post-game show saying, “Honestly, I just took tonight’s game one possession at time. That’s all you can do. I didn’t expect that I would even have this kind of performance, and it is an amazing feeling. Going into the game I was just locked into the zone that you get into occasionally.The type of zone that only a certain few individuals know what it feels like, and I am glad that my teammates were able to see that.

With Carmelo Anthony’s record high 62 point game Anthony has successfully surpassed Bernard King’s previous franchise record of 60 points. Although Bernard was the last Knicks player to hold the record, he was not the last player in the NBA to do so. Kobe Bryant overcame that record in 2008 with his 61 point game, however, after tonight’s game it will be Anthony’s name that goes into the record books. At least until another super-star caliber player manages to do top tonight’s performance.

By Aaron Weis

USA Today
Sports Illustrated 
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