Childbirth Can Be Remembered With 3D Model of Fetus

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Childbirth can be remembered with a 3D model of a fetus, thanks to a company called 3D Babies. This company uses a three-dimensional or four-dimensional sonogram to make a plastic 3D sculpture of a parent’s unborn fetus. These sculptures are printed in three different sizes: mini, which is 2 inches and costs $200, half-size, which is 4 inches and costs $400 and life-size which is 8 inches and costs $600. Parents can also choose two different styles; they can decide if they want their baby’s gender to be shown or hidden. These dolls can also be printed in three different skin tones: light, medium or dark. The baby is sent in a stain lined wooden box.

The founders of the company thought of the idea after wanting to remember what their baby looked like in the womb. “We are the parents of two wonderful little girls, ages 3 and 1. We love being parents and have been cherishing our time with our girls. Every time another family member or friend has a baby, we are reminded of out first few months with our girls. More importantly, we are reminded of how much we have forgotten about that time. In an attempt to hold on to those memories, we created a way to make a 3D figurine of what out baby looked like at that time,” said the founders.

If parents want to remember their baby after childbirth, they can send in baby pictures instead. People can also get the printed fetus of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby, North West for $250; the replica was created using picture of the baby. This product had a rough start; the founders created a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo in October and wanted to get $15,000 before the last day of November in order to buy a Stratasys U-Print SE Plus 3D printer. However, they were only able to get $1,225. Despite the rocky beginning, the website has increased its sales. Parents have to know how far their baby is before they decide to purchase a doll. 3D Babies only make dolls of babies who are full term or near full term. 3D Babies is not the first company to create plastic replicas of fetuses.

A company in Japan called Fasotec can show the child’s home before childbirth by printing a model of a fetus inside the womb. The company uses the 3D printer to make the fetus and places the plastic doll in a clear block that represents the womb. The dolls are 3.6 inches and cost around $1,200.

According to the company’s web page, the sculpture will be something parents will treasure forever, “Our ultimate goal is to bring a smile to the faces of parents, grandparents, and other family members as they recall the day that they met their little one. This product will become a treasured family heirloom,” the website reads. Whether parents get it in small or life-size, mothers and fathers will remember the joy of childbirth with a 3D model of their fetus.

Written By:  Jordan Bonte


New York Daily News




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