Colts Open NFL Post-Season With Surprising Comeback

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The Indianapolis Colts pulled off a surprising comeback Saturday to open the NFL post-season in a very dramatic display. Sports enthusiasts call the Colts win against the Kansas City Chiefs the second largest comeback in NFL playoff history. Led by Andrew Luck, the team gave an amazing second-half effort to turn around a score that began with them trailing the Chiefs by 28 points and ended with them winning the game 45-44.

Early in the game, Kansas City lost their star running back, Jamaal Charles, when he suffered a possible concussion. The impact it had on the team, however, was small. Alex Smith threw four passes that resulted in touchdowns. Knile Davis also scored a winning run and at the beginning of the third quarter, the Chiefs were winning 38-10.

At that point, the game began to focus on Luck, as he made up for throwing three interceptions by throwing for three touchdowns in the second half of the game.  This included a pass for 64 yards to Ty Hilton that was actually the pass that won the game. Luck also put points on the board by recovering a Colts fumble and carrying it into the end zone.

Luck was a number one draft pick in 2012 who was to eventually replace Peyton Manning.  In his short career in the NFL, he has already made a reputation for himself for engineering comebacks. In the past two seasons, he has led 10 fourth quarter or overtime pushes to win the game. This is more than any other quarterback has ever accomplished in his first two seasons.  This latest comeback effort takes the Colts to another step in the playoffs. They are expected to either play the New England Patriots or the Denver Broncos. Chuck Pagano, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts called the game “one for the ages!”

Most sports enthusiasts would agree with Pagano’s sentiments.  The last game with this type of victory was when the Buffalo Bills defeated the Houston Oilers in overtime over twenty years ago in 1993.

The reason it was a surprising comeback for the Colts post season is because that despite the win, it was not a completely good game for Luck. Much of the point deficit in the first half was due to him throwing three interceptions in the wild card game. He has thrown nine interceptions over the course of the regular season.

In the second half, the team came on the field with grim prospects. Tossing three touchdown passes during the last two quarters of the game and scoring one run himself by picking up a fumble from Donald Brown on the goal line and hurling himself into the end zone.

Luck said he has never known the Colts to panic since he has been a part of them. He has the prestige of being the first player to throw for over 8,000 yards in a passing game in the first two years of his NFL career.

Luck told reporters the key for the Colts victory is their love of the game. Whether up or down, Luck said they know how to play football and when they are trailing, everyone steps up their game. Luck admitted being disappointed in himself and feeling like he was disappointing his teammates. The end result, he said, was that he knew they were trusting him to make it rig

With their aptitude for making surprising comebacks, the Colts may be the team in the NFL post-season to watch!

By Rick Hope


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